Ashley Williams HD [Mass Effect] [AP]

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This is a new version of Rigid3D's Ashley model. This model was re-done by me and posted here with Rigid3D's blessing. I highly recommend you read everything. Diffeomorphic is required.

Some features include:

  • Updated MHX Rig With far less issues (any bone you need is in layers)
  • Rigged Genitals/Anus (although it would be best to use the shape keys)
  • 5 different hairstyles
  • Basic facial expressions
  • High-Quality Skin Texture
  • Upgraded to Genesis 8.1 (It's just better)
  • Rigged Butt Cheeks, Inner Butt & Back of Thighs
  • Two Extra Breast Bones for more movement during animations.
  • Better weight on the thighs overall for more realistic movement

Information/How to use

This model has several different things, so read carefully. It would be best if you had some diffeomorphic knowledge. DIFFEOMORPHIC IS REQUIRED!! MAKE SURE TO UPDATE IT FOR GOD SAKES!!

  1. This is a full re-work of Rigid3D's Ashley model. I re-did this simply because the previous model is fairly outdated and Ashley is my favorite female game character. This model was wrapped back to Gen 8, inserted into Daz Studio, then back into Blender.

  2. I call this AP for Animators Paradise. Animators should have a fun time animating this. I rigged two bones on her butt, inner butt, and the back of her thighs. I made her slim thicc for this very reason. Thighs also move during doggy so I wanted to attempt to rig/weight ONLY the back of her thighs. I managed to do it as you see in the video, however..... Well, to do this I had to re-weight her thighs completely and it was pretty painful. I actually made them move better overall as you will see if you sit her down her thighs will not clip through her abdomen. Although, you MAY notice weird deforms in only some EXTREME poses. For the most part, you don't have to worry. I made an animation in a crazy poase and it was just fine, but just be aware incase you encounter this.

  3. I made her body as realistic as I could, her sculpt is near-perfect in my opinion. Also, I love nice feet on women. I don't have a foot fetish, I just like nice feet - it's hott. With that said, I've been trying to make realistic feet and I think I'm getting close. This model has really nice/realistic feet, although some may think otherwise. If you want to make them smaller, simply click on the IK and press s.

  4. She comes with 5 different hairstyles, and 4 different clothes. I haven't added her mass effect clothes yet. Also, after finding the missing textures, you may get a notification of a file named W-04 or something missing, ignore this. Also no this model does not have the controls for bigger breasts, etc like the original does. Do it the old school way, click on the bone and press S :O.

  5. This model has HD Multi-Res Morphs, hence the HD in her name. It greatly adds tone and body detail. If your computer isn't all that great, it'll cause a ton of lag for you. I recommend turning off the viewport preview to reduce lag (if you have any), but make sure to always keep the render part on. You should know where to find this by now, but if you are new to my models it is located in the modifiers. Viewport disable her hair as well if it's still laggy.

  6. If you would like to open her genitals or anus, click on the MESH, go to the shape keys, then scroll all the way down and you'll see them. You can only open them by using the shape keys. You can keyframe shape keys, also. For you huge cock lovers, if the genitals don't open up enough then just raise the maximum limit, I shouldn't need to explain that tho.

enter image description here

  1. The model comes with body morphs. You can do some cool things with the morphs like make a fist easily. To access these, click on the ARMATURE and go to "Body Morphs" in the Diffeomorphic UI. I can't promise they will work as intended as I deleted the drivers, but most should work. Same with facial expressions.

  2. As always, this is was shaded for cycles. If you're good in Eevee and know what you're doing, be my guest. Just don't ask me for help because idk. You'll need to set-up your own Eevee nodes

  3. This model only works in Blender 3.0 or higher, don't try anything else - it won't work. Download it here and make sure to get the Cycles-X version. It should work on any Blender 3.0 however, not sure for K-CyclesX.

  4. Weight paint on her clothes should be near-perfect; there should be no clipping, except for the Shower clothes. If a bone doesn't move, delete the driver.

  5. Enjoy the model. Remember to tag or credit me if you use her. Let me know of any issues ASAP, as long as they are legitimate. Stop being afraid of asking me for help. If anyone gets a question from someone about one of my models, ask them first if they attempted to contact me for help. If they say no, stop responding.

  6. All constructive criticism, gratitude comments, and questions are welcome. Toxic comments will be deleted. I'm growing as a human being and want no part of any toxicity here or anywhere nor will I allow it on anything I can control.

  7. I love Ashley so I'll be updating this model throughout the years and keep her up to date. Over time I'll add more clothes.

  8. UPDATE: Oops, when moving around her bones so the main ones are in the correct layer, I accidentally forgot to move over some of the finger movement for the right hand. It's still there, just in a different layer. Not a huge deal, just thought I should say.



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