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Update - Jan 1, 2022

Updated Nick's rig for the latest version of Auto Rig Pro.

Completely re-designed the genital rig.

Cleaned up the ear rig a bunch.

Other minor improvements.

This is my attempt at a more cinematically accurate model of Nick Wilde, starting from the model provided via Patreon from Hakya11.

It's definitely not what I would call a completely finished model, there are still rigging and fur issues that need to be addressed depending on what shot you're doing.

This was not made to render efficiently it was made to look good, even in relatively close-up shots. On my system using Nvidia Optix it takes around 6GB of VRAM to render a scene with just this model in it.

This character was rigged with Auto-Rig Pro, though you do not need to have it installed to use the rig. I have included a copy of the rig-tools add-on and provided by the Auto-Rig team for second-hand users of rigs to enable swapping of ik/fk influence and other features.

This is my first time rigging a model for actual use so several mistakes were made, some parts are not intuitive to work with.

Most notably, the genitals, especially the penile sheath. The sheath is shrink-wrapped to the penis so it’s important that the penis stays within the pre-shrinkwrap envelope of the sheath to look good and not clip through.

The penis is using spline-ik, the rectangular control bone inside his abdomen controls the level of extension of the penis, by pulling it down towards the groin it pushes it out through the sheath.

the ear controller bones are clamped to a curve in an attempt to make them behave more like anatomical fox ears, though this makes for some changes to the positioning of the ears relative to the head depending on rotation of the head so be wary of that when animating ear movements.

Please give some kind of credit when making use of this model, this was months of effort and frustration and it would be nice to see/hear how people are using it.

Feedback is very welcome! Please reach out to me on twitter @oldwing2 or Discord oldwing#2553. I make no promise that this model will be suitable for any purposes but I'll try to help if I can.

The character Nick Wilde copyrighted by Disney.

Known issues: Fur blending around genitals needs work Eye rig sometimes clips through eyelids Tongue/mouth shaders should look more like the inside of a mouth Shrinkwrap penis is a nightmare Ear rig shouldn't move relative to the head when moving the head around.

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Scaling Simple Blender Rigs
As they say, size is everything.

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