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Us Cracks have entered on Smutbase from Cyberpunk 2077.

You must download the Diffeomorphic add-on version 1.51( and have Blender 2.93 or higher for any morphs or shapekeys to function.

This model has been tested for Cycles. You are on your own for Eevee setups.


  • Rigged MHX with IK/FK support.
  • Face Meshes exported from the game with facial controls.
  • Several rigged outfits containing all three members in one rig.
  • Standard Morph and Custom Morphs including breast, glute, body shapes etc.
  • Four posable hairstyles within their separate collections.


  • CD Projekt Red for original meshes and textures.
  • WolvenKit Team for their Glb Material Importer.
  • Cheesecake3D for Gamer Girl room in preview image.

Troubleshooting: If you're experiencing pink textures, go to file > external data > find missing files and open up the textures folder. To remove any masks on the body, head to Modifier Properties and disable Realtime and Render. Message me on Twitter to report any bugs or problems, I'll help out when I can.



-Added minor SSS on Cyberware Decals for Us Cracks.


-File has been updated to Blender 2.93.

-Added Corrective Smooth modifiers for skirts and tight masks for outfits.

-FIXED Leotard material for Red Menace, you shouldn't get a vertical seam anymore.

-All Hair materials have been redone to reflect the in-game versions thanks to Wolvenkit's Glb material importer.

-Old Overknee materials have been replaced with new ones that are reflected in the game.

-Shoe materials have been replaced with new diffuse textures reflected in-game.

-Adjusted Red Menace Hair Material to Alpha Clip in Eevee.


-Toggled Target Z for Eye Bones to prevent Blue Moon's eyes from rotating improperly when moving her rig.

-Toggled Blue Moon's Outfit on file startup.

-Us Cracks body is set to diffuse textures when switching to Viewport Texture Shading.

v1.00: Initial release


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Us_Cracks_V1.0.6.rar   1778 2021-11-02 00:38:05 185.98 MB
File contents:
  Us_Cracks_V1.0.5.rar   995 2021-08-31 20:16:17 184.8 MB
File contents:
  Us_Cracks_V1.0.1.rar   982 2021-08-23 16:11:02 172.4 MB
File contents:
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