Mama HD (Ass and Tits Update) [Death Stranding]

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This is a totally new version of my old Mama model. Please read everything before downloading.

In my opinion, some features include:

  • Updated MHX Rig With far less issues (any bone you need is in layers)
  • Rigged Genitals/Anus (although it would be best to use the shape keys)
  • Basic facial expressions
  • High-Quality Skin Texture
  • Updated to Genesis 8.1 (It's just better)
  • Rigged Butt Cheeks (Version 2)

Information/How to use

This model has several different things, so read carefully. It would be best if you had some diffeomorphic knowledge. DIFFEOMORPHIC IS REQUIRED!! MAKE SURE TO UPDATE IT FOR GOD SAKES!!

  1. This is a complete rework of the old Mama model. The old one was long overdue for an update. I spent days making her body exactly how I wanted. Everything from her feet to her face looks very realistic and HD. This started off with myself just wanting to make a more realistic female body, and turned into me completely re-doing the model. Her tits look like actual tits, her ass looks like an actual ass, and her feet look like actual feet (in my opinion). She's a tad bit thicker than the previous model, and her tits are also bigger, but that's what I like so I really don't care if it's not your fancy.

  2. This model has HD Multi-Res Morphs, hence the HD in her name. It greatly adds tone and body detail. If your computer isn't all that great, it'll cause a ton of lag for you. I recommend turning off the viewport preview to reduce lag (if you have any), but make sure to always keep the render part on. You should know where to find this by now, but if you are new to my models it is located in the modifiers. Viewport disable her hair as well if it's still laggy (it shouldn't be).

  3. If you would like to open her genitals or anus, click on the MESH, then go to the shape keys and you'll see them. You can only open them by using the shape keys. You can keyframe shape keys, also.

enter image description here

  1. The model comes with body morphs. You can do some cool things with the morphs like make a fist easily. To access these, click on the ARMATURE and go to "Body Morphs" in the Diffeomorphic UI.

  2. As always, this is was shaded for cycles. If you're good in Eevee and know what you're doing, be my guest. Just don't ask me for help because idk. You'll need to set-up your own Eevee nodes Also her hair is not rigged, but just throw a bone on the tail and paint it and it should do the job just fine.

  3. Fair warning, this was all done in Blender 3.0. CyclesX is the future and it's 10x faster than regular cycles for me. This model won't work in anything under Blender 3.0. I know, I tested it. I didn't know this beforehand, but won't make this mistake again. In my opinion, 3.0 is worth the upgrade anyway and I've had no issues. I recommend all Cycles users upgrade to 3.0. If you're reading this right now, and you scroll down and see someone comment that there is no rig, then get a good laugh. This is what happens when people don't read. If you load this model in an eairler version of blender, a pop-up comes up that says that this file was written in a later version of blender and to expect loss of data. So, someone ignoring that and not reading the description.....come on son.

  4. Weight paint on her clothes should be near-perfect; there should be no clipping. If a bone doesn't move, delete the driver. Version 2 comes with no clothes.

  5. Enjoy the model. Remember to tag or credit me if you use her. If you run into any problems that aren't Eevee related, let me know. Stop being afraid of asking me for help. If anyone gets a question from someone about one of my models, ask them first if they attempted to contact me for help. If they say no, stop responding.

  6. All constructive criticism, gratitude comments, and questions are welcome. Toxic comments will be deleted. I'm growing as a human being and want no part of any toxicity here or anywhere nor will I allow it on anything I can control.


Version 2 Features:

  • Rigged and weighted two bones to both booty cheeks.
  • Re-weighted her breasts so they move more naturally and changed the face groups so they consume the entire bob instead of just half of it. If you have her bent over, lift up her breasts and pull them out for the best hanging titty effect. Remove limit constraints to do more.

Here's some great addons for bouncing if you don't like to use cages.

Have fun animators :)


  • Base model was done by Guhzcoituz.


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