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Squirrel3D's Cortana Model v0.6.1


I would appreciate credit in posts with this model, mainly because I'd like to see what you all make with it.

Cubic3D (me).

Rigid3D (for rig and base body along with body textures and material)

MaZ_TeR (for Cortana blender port + texture extraction)

Marcelievsky (for XNALara port)


I'm not going to provide low-level help with this model (posing, material adjustments, etc).

Besides some of my material nodegroups, which I am willing to provide assistance with, everything is easily Googleable. Please let me know if there's any bugs that need fixing.

I'll release bugfixes and feature updates but honestly if you find this rig unusable you probably aren't ready to use it.

Version 0.6.1

• Improved corrective modifiers for knees a bit.


Human version

• As the face meshes are different, human and holographic are not compatible. The body rigs are the same, however, so it may be possible to transfer body keyframes between the two models, but this is untested.

• Human shape keys are pretty much all fully functional, including face shape keys.

• Contains sliders for skin tone, dirt, wetness, and holographic effects.

Holographic version

• Chromatic Aberration properties split the textures, creating a colour drift effect similar to what you’d see at the edge of a camera. The Dist properties control how far the drift goes, and Int controls the strength of the drift.

• CodeLines adds some detail lights to the body. You can animate these by going into the shader and keyframing its mapping node.

• EyeGlow makes the eyes glow.

• The Light properties control the emissive values of the body. Quite self-explanatory.

• Rampancy properties glitches Cortana between her normal blue and whatever new Hue you decide to choose. Can be used to make a H4 rampant look, as well as adding extra detail with blue hues and Combat Evolved-like emotions with greens and pinks.

• The Shader properties control how much volume exists in Cortana’s body (only use in Cycles), as well as how opaque the solid lines are on her and how transparent the faint lines on her are. Volume is useful if you want to make her more hologram-like and less solid, as it blurs and scatters light passing through her.

• Wrinkles mix in her original wrinkle textures by body part.

• Extra properties drive shape keys.


• The LightThreshold property is inconsistent between different body hues. I’m not sure why this happens, so I can’t really guarantee it’s fixable.

• There is a faint neck seam. Paint over it in your photo-editing software of choice.

• There are also some weighting inconsistencies with the neck. Smooth them out after posing.

• Original face bones are still used. They're alright, so I kept them.

• The hologram face shape keys are useless, as the head has been hacked onto Rigid3D's Jill Valentine model. There's lots of them and deleting shape keys is buggy and boring.


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