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Please read the instructions before opening the file, otherwise stuffs might appear broken or not work at all. I can't provide support if you don't follow the instructions first.

For the stunning first artwork, all the credits goes to Nagoonimation

Content of the release

  • face model from the game
  • custom body proportions, resembling the canon ones
  • Eevee and Cycles ready
  • tons of customization body morphs, emotions
  • corrective shape keys for extreme poses, plus tweak bones
  • one original outfit
  • tons of additional new outfits
  • MustardUI 0.20 (also users can now modifiy it, without writing a single line of code)
  • physics implemented for breasts and bottom
  • poses are available to use


  • Blender >= 2.93.1
  • Diffeomorphic add-on
  • rough minimum PC requirements: GPU >= 4GB VRAM, RAM > 4Gb, CPU with >= 2GHz 4 cores (disabling external morphs, the model might be less demanding)


  • download only one from the non-light and LIGHT textures, and the model
  • only Blender >= 2.93.1 is supported. With previous versions, Blender might crash!
  • install the add-on Diffeomorphic (http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/p/daz-importer-version-15.html). You don't need to set Diffeomorphic settings up if you don't want to. But at least be sure to have Diffeomorphic installed and enabled before opening the file! To prevent damaged emotions and morphs, the UI will not show the morphs if Diffeomorphic is not correctly enabled. I'm working on a stand-alone version, that doesn't need diffeomorphic to be installed, but for the moment please install this addon (that is also a great addon with a lot of useful functions).
  • all the settings are available in the MustardUI (press N in the viewport and search for the MustardUI tab on the far right). You can tweak the skin options, enable the outfits, enable the physics, etc.. Check the full tutorial if something is not intuitive. Moreover in the UI you can find some pre-made emotions. You can also enable the Face (details) layer in the Armature panel of MustardUI: some additional facial bones will appear to tweak the emotion or make a new one.
  • additional retargeting tools for MHX rigs can be found on: http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/p/bvh-retargeter.html
  • some bones to tweak the torso, legs and arms poses are also available, and can be enabled in the Armature section of MustardUI (Tweak and Extra.L/Extra.R layers)
  • do not delete drivers unless you know what you are doing! Doing that might break functionalities. The driven shape-keys and properties can be controlled by MustardUI. If you are unsure, please contact me.
  • for Eevee users, enable Screen Space Reflections, and inside that panel also enable Refraction and disable Half Res Trace. Failing to do this might create artifacts in the eyes rendering. I also highly suggest to enable Ambient Occlusion.
  • for Cycles users, in the Light Paths panel, increase the number of Transparency Max Bounces to 16 or higher. Failing to do this might create artifacts in the hair rendering.
  • The model use Corrective Smooth/Shrinkwrap modifiers. If you find some odd clipping/behaviour while posing the model, try to disable them in the UI.
  • some poses/actions might be available, but they support FK. To switch to FK or/and snap to IK, use the operators in the Armature tab of the UI (Diffeomorphic 1.5.1), or the MHX panel (1.6). More informations about this are in the IK/FK note below.
  • the Physics can be enabled directly on the UI, for breasts and bottom. I tried to expose some properties (like jiggleness, inertia, etc..), let me know how it works!
  • if you have any problem or you have poor performance in viewport, try to check Instructions or the FAQ. If you can't find the solution to your problem, or you would like to report a bug, you can contact me (contacts at the end).

Note on performance

Be aware about the performance. I tried to delete as much as possible useless stuffs to give you the cleanest version I could make, but the big amount of correctives can really slow down the model especially on old PCs. Unfortunately this is a combined problem of how Blender manage shape keys/drivers, and how they are stored and called by the Diffeomorphic addon (which again, should be installed!). If you experience any slowdown, check the video in the model. The steps can be summarized as:

  • disable the External Morphs panel in the UI (see the video) once you set up your model with the body morphs. Note that doing this the body morphs won't be reset;
  • hide and mute (do both, see the video!) of the hair and extra collections;
  • if the above don't help, you can also try to delete the Morphs you don't use after you set up your preferred body shape, as well as the Emotions you don't use. To do this, open the DAZ Import tab (press N in Viewport, selecting the armature), go in the Advanced Setup -> Morphs -> Remove Custom Morphs. Select all the morphs except the ones needed, and this will immediatly boost the viewport FPS. Note that with this second option, the morphs will be permanently removed from the model;
  • for better viewport performance in Rendered mode, you can optimize the normal maps for Viewport Rendered mode following this guide.

Note that the textures can be safely merged with my new other DoA models, since most of the textures are the same. Just paste the textures in one folder for all new DoA models to save space. For those having memory issues, a light version of the textures is available. They have 50% quality with respect to non-light ones, but using these can greatly improve the overall Blender stability if you have less than 4GB of VRAM.

Finally (thanks to Iognos), if you are having issues with the model freezing every few minutes you can change or disable blender autosaving feature. Go to Blender settings, in Edit -> Preferences -> Save&Load-> Autosave-> change from 2 to something higher like 10 or disable it entirely. This happens because the file is quite big and blender takes too much time to save it on slow storage units.

Note on Diffeomorphic version

A quick note fot those encountering problems with Diffeomorphic support in the UI. If you download diffeomorphic from the repository, Bitbucket will append the name of the commit in the zip name. There are two solutions:

Unfortunately this is a problem of how Bitbucket versions of Diffeomorphic are shared, and there is not much I can do if not ask you to choose from one of these options.

Note on IK/FK

You have two options, depending on which version of Diffeomorphic you have:

  • if 1.6, find the MHX panel in viewport (press N in Viewport). Note that this panel will appear if you also installed http://diffeomorphic.blogspot.com/p/mhx-runtime-system.html , which is provided in the 1.6 package but not in the bitbucket repository download.
  • if 1.5.1, you can find it in my UI script.

I know it might be confusing, but from 1.5.1 to 1.6 the MHX support has been moved from Diffeomorphic to a new addon (MHX runtime system above). Therefore from 1.6 we have a dedicated panel, and I decided not to add the same operators again in the MustardUI.

Final Notes


Version 6 (23/08/2021) - textures have NOT been changed

  • disabling all Extras in the UI, now the collection is hidden to boost viewport performance
  • added sections in the UI for Makeup and Effects
  • fix: genitals bones weren't working when External Morphs was disabled (thanks to Jem)
  • fix: belly muscular coudn't be negative (thanks to VanillaFizzy)
  • fix: removed unused Smooth Correction option in the UI (thanks to Jem)
  • update MustardUI to version 0.20.16 (body properties section support, see https://github.com/Mustard2/MustardUI/releases/tag/0.20.16)

Version 5 (04/08/2021) - textures have NOT been changed

Note: remember to switch the normal back before rendering!

Version 4 (03/08/2021) - textures have been changed

  • added: lips shrinkwrap tool in the UI
  • fix: face texture were stretched when eyelids were closed
  • fix: eyelids were not working when External Morphs was disabled
  • update MustardUI to version 0.20.10

Version 3 (27/07/2021) - textures have NOT been changed

  • added: it is now possible to disable morphs (without having to delete them). This action can greatly improve the performance of the model
  • update MustardUI to version 0.20.8

Note 1: once you set up your model with the body morphs, just disable the external morphs to improve the performance. Doing this the body morphs won't be reset

Note 2: this is only one step in trying to improve the performance of the model in future versions

Version 2 (20/07/2021) - textures have been changed

  • fix: neck seam was visible with some lights settings
  • fix: metallic part of makeup was not applied
  • fix: makeup color was not applying correctly
  • fix: Casual B Hat was clipping with the head
  • fix: Cycles - hair was casting uncorrect shadows on the face
  • fix: Cycles - SSS was too high

Version 1 (17/07/2021) - first public release


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  Textures (4K) - Version 4   5720 2021-08-03 16:33:12 539.39 MB
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  LIGHT Textures (2K) - Version 4   4001 2021-08-03 16:33:15 142.91 MB
File contents:
  Model - Version 6 Hotfix 1   5846 2021-08-29 13:31:35 470.06 MB
File contents:
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