Lain Iwakura

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Lain Iwakura from the cult classic cyberpunk anime "Serial Experiments Lain"

Almost everything was created by myself, excluding textures.

Includes 8 costumes - Nude, Bear Onesie, White Sundress, School Uniform, Casual Cyberia, Camisole, 2 color variations of her PS1 Dress, and her Wired Void look in Layer 8.

Each costumes has its own toggleable options, like disabliling the cables of Lain's white sundress.

Has a barbie doll anatomy (no nipples/ vag) as per the show, will not be adding any nipples/ vag, ever.

Fully rigged, with physics based hair (older version 1.0 has unconventional hair and face rig).

Feel free to do whatever you want with this model, it's fan art after all. Hell, HMU if you've made improvements

v1.4 UPDATE Changed facerig to more conventional bone based rigging. Made spin purely FK rig and head has a working FK on "track to target" based rig. New hair options included. v1.4 works on BLENDER 3.0 only

POTENTIAL FUTURE FINAL UPDATE: MAY be adding 2 more NON-CANON costumes in v1.5 or jiggle physics and that'll be the FINAL update for this model (since it's my very janky 2nd attempt at an original model). Also said "Might eventually do Open3DLab mirror with no nudity." so maybe that'll come with v1.5, but probably not. Probably gonna come after a few more ports on Open3D, since porting is easier than modelling from scratch. A v2.0 will be a complete a complete redo from scratch, probably not coming out in a few years.


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  Iwakura_V1.4.blend   420 2022-02-14 16:30:23 287.97 MB
  Lain_Iwakura_v1.0.1.rar   643 2021-06-28 10:22:15 3.71 MB
  Textures_v1.0.rar   702 2021-06-26 16:09:27 256.28 MB
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Getting rid of Pink Models in Blender
Pink models are, similar to how it is in game engines, a sign that Blender is unable to find some textures. A common issue with downloaded files, and relatively easy to fix.

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