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Fortnite: Save the World's ninja is here on Smutbase. Including all her clothes, a skintight catsuit, and particle hair.

Right now as is, Sarah has only her default Rare Assassin Sarah style. Due to several issues if you want other Sarah Styles I apologize but those are going to take some time as I have to retexture all of their shirts or pay someone else to do it. However if you just want the white hair or anything that isn't her shirt, you can just swap the textures to their respective style.

0.9.5 bring a rig overhaul, with new eyebrow, eyelid, vagina and anus controllers. Also hair and cape physics. The face has been rerigged, breast and butt physics has been added. All of this curtousy of it's_gergless

0.9.4 bring Anti Cuddle, and Legendary Alchemist Sarah to the model as well as a rig ui overhaul. Thanks to mavixtious for the help with the rig ui

0.9.2 brings Hotep Sarah and Floaty Specialist

0.9.1 bring Snuggle Specialist clothes/hair to the model.

Body materials by Gifdoozer on twitter

Rig by it's gergless

Shirt materials by Navod3d on fiverr

Eyes made by Crute on

If you find any issues with the model please let me know in the comments or in my direct messages on twitter


Q. Where are the other Sarah styles?

A. Due to how Epic made the model for Sarah, the shirt cuts off before it hits the neck. I didn't want such a bad looking shirt on the final model so I modeled the missing area, then sent it to navod3d to texture it. Right now support on patreon helps me make styles available at a quicker pace. The estimated end date to have all styles is March 2022.

Q. How to I change the clothes?

A. Select the armature then choose a drop down menu and select your desired clothes option. Please note to disable gloves when using sleeves and vise-versa.

Q. How do I change costumes?

A. You can change bulk via the preset buttons or by clothing by using the rig ui

Q. Why is everything pink?

A. Download the texture 7z, then unzip that file next to the blend, go to File>Eternal Data>Find Missing Files and choose the folder the textures are in, then save your project.

Q. Where did the rig ui go?

A. Just re-run the script in the downloads and it should re-appear after opening the file/appending her.

Known "Bugs:"

The Particle hair has no material for eevee, you should use the mesh hair for eevee unless you want to make a material for eevee before I get one done.

Particle Hair has no rig ui toggle, for now just select none on the hair selction and turn the scalp on viewport/render visibility.

Enabling the Particle Hair can cause performance degradation when in pose mode, trying turning off particle children in simplify.

When simplify is off, performance is worse, it is advised you keep simplify on 0 subdivision levels in viewport.

If you append the model into another blend file, the rig layers buttons will be missing. This is an issue on blender's side not the model, you need to rerun the rig ui script.


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  Sarah_095_textures.7z   253 2021-11-20 16:43:42 210.09 MB
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