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The queen and her wrath, for you to do as you wish.

What’s included:

All the clothes that came with the game rigged, full nude body with shapekeys, particle hair for both, the game’s original hairs are available alternatively. Particle eyelashes and curve eyebrows are also included.

Some things to note:

All textures are packed into the .blend file, unpack them somewhere if you prefer.

Most importantly, they share the same rig, because I like the convenience. Now, what if you want to use both at the same time in the same scene? Two ways that I know: simply append them again into the scene, or you can also duplicate them, simplest way to do so is right clicking the chars collection in the outliner and selecting duplicate collection.

*V3 was last modified in blender 3.3.0 beta, may not work as expected in older versions, V2 works in 2.9 and above.*

*** Also note while I've let in all shapekeys, some might not work correctly, especially length changing ones like in the legs or arms, as the rig is built to the default proportions of the model ***

Some more rambling:

I have also done my best to make them resemble their cinematic counterparts and used it as reference often, which made me notice that Petra doesn’t seems to have particle eyebrows (looks painted on) or lashes, at least in the Forsaken cutscenes that she is in, meanwhile Mara does. I still set them up for Petra anyway, it’s your choice whether to use them or not. Referencing the cinematics is also the reason why I set them up to have a lighter blue look, as the default blue in the textures didn’t resemble their cinematics look as much. Of course, you’re welcome to edit the materials to your preference.

Tag/credit me if you want, I do appreciate it and it’s nice to see what you make with them. Any issues or bugs, comment here or contact me on twitter @Ent_Duke



-improved weights around the back and shoulders plus neck area, and also for the boobs and butt bones,

-changed some node setups and enabled subsurface translucency so that subsurface scattering actually works in eevee,

-setup body emission texture to work with the regular uv map, no longer camera mapped



-Thanks to texture baking the nude models looks properly textured in the viewport, as a result there's only 2 materials on the body now, the skin and the nails

-Tweaked both particle hairs, and set them up to work with physics simulation, baseline settings that should be fine in most cases

-Mara's hair is especially better, it no longer is divided between several particle systems, they have all been merged down to 2, which makes it easier to tweak and work with

-Also set up both particle hairs to work better in cycles with principled hair bsdf

-Everything else should work fine in either engine

-Added bones to quickly open/close genitals shapekeys



-Added Destiny 1's version of Mara Sov, particle hair and outfit included

-Tweaked and improved the weightpaint, especially around the neck area

-Tweaked the rig and upgraded to rigify's latest face model, foot pivot should be much better

-Tweaked D2's Mara particle hair slightly, D1's also available (it is a bit longer and has a few differences in the look)

-Converted all curve eyebrows into a mesh, to fix a bug where they clipped into the body and deformed weirdly if you rotated the rig in specific ways

-Added nekomata's Bits n Bobs feature set on the rig, for better deforms around the knees and elbows


-Fixed some UV issues and cleaned a few broken shapekeys

This was possible thanks to the model rips discord, which extracted and shared the game’s models, google drive source, reddit thread.

Custom eyes thanks to this tutorial.

Eyebrow curves thanks to this tutorial.

Body thanks to Neroticus here.



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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Mara_Petra_v3.1.7z   436 2022-08-20 05:47:02 220.08 MB
  Mara_Petra_v2.7z   1534 2021-10-10 06:12:20 99.5 MB
File contents:
  Mara_Petra_v1.1.7z   1785 2021-07-17 04:35:23 93.79 MB
File contents:
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