Harley Queen - Fortnite

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About this model:

  1. Includes 3 outfits
  2. Multiple shape keys, like nipples, fit feet to heels, cameltoe genitalia etc.
  3. Genitals opening controled via control bones and drivers
  4. 2 Hairstyles
  5. Wet skin shaders

Requires: RigTools Add-on for the UI menu


Download both the HarleyFortnite.blend and Harley texture files and save them in the same folder, extract the textures zip file in that same folder. IF you get pink materials when loading the model in blender, go to Files>External data>Find missing files and select the textures folder and save.

Thanks to MustardSFM for the UI script

Contact Info: https://twitter.com/MokujinH

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  HarleyFortnite.blend   503 2021-05-29 04:54:16 47.88 MB
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  Harley_textures.zip   444 2021-05-29 04:54:24 181.12 MB
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  rig_tools_xboFdlS.zip   216 2021-05-29 05:00:14 22.72 KB
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