Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith Gainsborough

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About This model

  1. All original FF VII Remake outfits, plus 5 additional outfits
  2. All original rigged hair styles plus added "Free/untied hair"
  3. Dedicated Mustard UI with outfit selector and materials/mesh properties
  4. Multiple Genitals bones for shapes and extra posing.
  5. Extra unique items (Rod, Flower basket, flowers, glasses, pubic hair)


  1. Blender 2.92
  2. Rigtools


Install the Blender addon rig_tools if you haven't yet (restart Blender before using the model),
All the custom properties are in the UI. A tutorial (which is how I made it myself) is available at:

To enable the UI after appensing the model in another file, see the tutorial (link above or in the UI Links tab).

For cycles set Transparency samples more than 20 to 40 in the light bounces options for proper hair transparencies if you append the model to a new file.

Use the properties bone for some extra features, note all dresses except the male Shirt react to these shapes.

Unpack the the textures and save the file to save memory and loading times when saving your projects.

Genital works with multiple shapekeys and drivers, but the vagina rigs from the golden palace rig were preserved to get the best posing possible for the genitals as well. (Genital bones are located in the "extra" armature layer in the UI menu) The model uses Corrective Smooth modifiers. Deactivate the modifier if you find clipping while posing the model. Can be turned off in the UI.


The shirt is rigged to the body but unlike the dresses it doesn't have it's own armature, so I'll recommend to use sculpt brush for detailed posing if you need to.

Apparently the bones for the breast are parented to the wrong spine bent bone for some reason in the default Autorig-pro settings. If you find yourself with some weird issues with the breast moving along with the lower spine while posing (specifically if you use the Spine_02_bend.x bone located in the lower torso) To fix this all you need to do is select both the breast bones, then select the "Spine_03_bend.x" located in the upper torso in that order, and go to edit mode and press "ctrl+p" and select "keep offset" to do a quick fix for this issue, now the breast will respond to the upper spine bent bone now)


  1. The amazing Mustard for the UI and guide.
  2. To crute for the custom bone shapes I used for this model:


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