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Karin - Street Fighter 5


Karin - Street Fighter 5


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What's included

  • Karin with full nude body and both IK and FK rig
  • 2 outfits, 1 hairstyle
  • 8 Body morphs presets (thin, fat etc.) + a few other morphs which outfit will adapt to
  • Model compatible with the outfit library

This model was made in blender 2.93 and tweaked for Eevee, I don't use Cycles anymore so I won't really be able to help you if you use it, see FAQ for most common issues. It should work fine with any 2.8 and ulterior versions of Blender.


  • You need the diffeomorphic addon installed in order to use the rig and the UI. I've used the version provided below, can't answer for previous or ulterior versions

(more info about the addon here :

If I know your models, anything new/specific with this one ?

  • Pose from the thumbnail is included
  • Skirts have cloth simulation setup but deactivated by default (see modifiers)
  • Heels poses can now be changed while in IK mode (kinda slow)
  • New button in the IK/FK section called "optimize pose for IK", use it if IK breaks somehow

How to use

  • The model is mainly handled through the panel bearing its name : the daz addon is still necessary and might be useful for fine tweaking

  • Character's Panel

  • In the body settings tab you'll find : skin options, makeup options, body morph presets and tweak options, hairstyles options. For makeup and hair color, tick the checkbox to allow customization.

  • In expression tab you'll find a bunch of expressions to use

  • In outfit settings you can choose the outfit and add/remove listed pieces

  • In the armature tab you can select which armature layers to show, also you can clear any pose to go back to default, switch between ik and fk or activate mannequin mode for better performance. There's also a few hand and eyes poses, as well as heels modes in case the models has heeled shoes or you import some.

  • Daz panel :

  • you'll find a few more options than in the main UI there, explore all you want.

Outfits Library

  • Starting from now, all my models will be compatible with the outfit library I'm building ( With a few clicks you can fit any outfit or hairstyles from the library to any of my models.

Known issues

  • Clipping might happen, that's life in 3d, best way to fix is to go in sculpt mode. It's mighty useful so it's a great skill to have if you're not familiar with it.


  • The lips are weird or the model is all over the place when I open the file --> it's an incompatibility between the daz addon and your blender install. You need to find what's causing it, for some people it's an out of date daz addon so try to update it. Easiest way to fix is to reinstall blender and clear this folder but be aware it will delete all your custom settings and addons : C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\BlenderVersionYouUse. Then make sure that Auto Run Python Scripts is checked in edit --> preferences --> save & load.
  • Do I need the 2 texture files ? Yes
  • Why 2 texture files ? There are a lot of textures shared between my female models so I've separated those. This way you won't need to download the shared package everytime in case you use several of my models.
  • Everything is purple ! Go to File --> External Data --> Find Missing Files, then navigate to wherever you put the textures folder on your drive and click on the "Find Missing Files" button.
  • The pose library don't work ? 1)Switch to FK mode 2)Make sure you have no bones selected in the pose mode, then activate poses.
  • Hair looks weird in Cycles : set the subsurface to 0 on the hair material. Maybe also delete the AO node in the shader groups, I made it so that they aren't used if you use Cycles but maybe you've got a custom blender UI and my solution doesn't work.
  • How to append : you need to append at least these collections : the one called as the character, the one for hair, the one called hidden. Also append the script called mustard_ui_charactername. Once it's appended run the script. Outfit & Extras collections are optional.


  • Tag me if you use the model, I'd enjoy seeing what you do with it (@LeGuymelef on twitter)
  • If you use my models for patreon exclusive content or otherwise, please consider giving a little something back :


  • Shinteo for the original model
  • Mustard for the base UI
  • crute for some of the armature widgets


  • V1.1 : emergency roll back on the daz addon, turns out the latest version is pretty shitty at the moment and breaks a lot of things. Use the stable v1.5.1 provided instead.
  • V1.0 : initial release


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Getting rid of Pink Models in Blender
Pink models are, similar to how it is in game engines, a sign that Blender is unable to find some textures. A common issue with downloaded files, and relatively easy to fix.

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