Pink Haired Enby

Pink Haired Enby
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Pink Haired Enby


Meme character based on OuttaSync's take.

Rigged with Rigify. Additional UI is included for easy toggling of clothes and additional body settings. Textures are packed in the blend file.

Has rigged clothing that is separate from the body rig. Separate rig for clothes for additional tweaking, use the deforming clothes mesh to tweak the shape keys for additional tweaking. Enable Show Clothes Deform for direct editing. A limitation however is that tweaking the clothes too much and then posing will create awkward deformations.

The model uses a Modifier Mask in sections of the body that is coverd by the clothes to save resources. Enable the Body Mask Override to have direct control for showing parts of the body underneath.

If there are clipping and strange deformations just use Shape Keys to touch em' up

Let me know if you have any issues or questions.

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  Pink_Haired_Enby_1.0.blend  2972021-04-28 07:53:53135.31 MB
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