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This is more of a cry for help than an upload, some people in the nsfw community are aware of this passion project for Haydee I've been working on to try and emulate various artistic renditions of Haydee such as Japanese artist BBWDeck's Haydee Doujin and so on.

Unfortunately I've reached a wall I can't pass on my own, because of my serious lack of intermediate and/or expert skills with 3D modeling software. There's alot of issues with this model right now which I don't think i can fix.

Problems include, broken armature and/or vertex groups, left over unused materials from previous objects in previous files, incorrectly scaled and positioned accessories, shapekeys causing some minor sharp points i think in the mesh, and generally people don't seem to like the optional open mouth helmet or at least the style of it so i'm completely clueless on how to resolve that while still keeping it looking like haydee..

I don't even know where to start since if it wasn't for the custom shape key to make it THICC-FIT I would have thought to start from scratch. It might be possible to transfer the shapekeys maybe but without proper supervision I don't trust me skills to be able to sort it out properly let alone any other issues this mesh might have.

So I don't have much of a choice now but to release this online publicly in a broken state and just, hope and pray people are interested in helping me fix this up more.

The idea was to make a modular/customizable Haydee which a curvy but toned and defined muscular body that didn't fall too far into hyper categories. And try to keep the body portions relatively equal, breasts and butts not too large or too small etc etc..

Or if I was more adept with this I could have had the shapekeys set up better to accommodate a wider variety of body types and faces (like Poison from Street Fighter 5 or Rachel from Dead or Alive) for people to mess around with and enjoy for both Animations AND game modding.

I'll try to share some old renders I've done as well to try and illustrate the point, things like different body tans, tattoos, piercings, clothing and so on.

For those who genuinely want to take an interest and help try to fix the mess I've made please contact me on the smutbase discord or at twitter profile here.

Before I forget as well I do at least want to thank some people who were able to make this possible.

Antales the creator of Haydee along with anyone else from Haydee Interactive for starters, from technophiles everywhere, thanks for allowing us to create mods and other creative works using your own assets and such. I just hope we can help out the game as much as we can by contributing as much cool stuff we can make in support of the work you've done so far.

Rigid3D for the work he did on the original nude Jill Valentine base he had made way back when.

1ceDev for accepting Haydee into his patreon poll and opening up the chance to take this custom further.

Keel The Equine who was cool enough to help sculpt out the thicc-fit from the model as much as he could

Axel black who helped me to append arms into the model, I was hoping to make it so you could swap between the robotic and human arms so you could have both Haydee and HD512 for the game and it really helped to have those arms back in place.

and BBWDeck (Double Deck Seisakujo) himself for making cool gynoid works and inspiring this project!

Please support these creators as well if you can, and thanks for downloading my insane attempt at sex appeal. :P


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