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Lara Croft v3 - Read Please!

A lot of improvements and features added, so please read on, at least the Notes and Tips and Known Issues sections:


  • MHX Rig.
  • 2k textures. Converted from 4k textures, looks as good as 4k textures while using 60% less memory
  • Loads of pre-built morphs for expressions (angry, scared, hurt etc.)
  • Loads of pre-built morphs for face posing (eyelid control, lip control, eyebrow control etc.)
  • Loads of morphs to shape her body to your liking (muscular body, fit body, curvy body,

boob size etc.)

  • Morphs to emulate speech, helps in animating dialogues.


  • Outfits marked with (Colorable) can have their color changed by the rgb wheel
  • Classic Tomb Raider Outfit (Colorable)
  • Tomb Raider 2013 Outfit
  • Jacket Outfit from Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • Lingerie with stockings and heels (Colorable)


  • Tomb Raider 2013 hair
  • Shadow of the Tomb Raider hair
  • Braid hair from old Tomb Raider games.

‣Notes and Tips:

  • The download contains a blender addon ( you need to install it for proper functioning.
  • Make sure the texture folder and blend file are in the same folder.
  • Set viewport subdivision to 0 in the Simplify panel in Render Properties tab. Improves speed.
  • Good idea to delete the hairstyles and outfits that aren't being used in the scene, saves resources.
  • If the viewport playback starts to slowdown just go to the start of the playback a couple of times, I don't know why it happens or why this fixes it.

‣Known Issues:

In some lighting situations the eyelashes become very reflective, just select it and turn down the specular in the material settings. A good idea to turn it down anyway as that's how it should be, I forgot to make the change :(

  • • DM me on twitter for bugs, questions etc.
  • • You can tag me in whatever you make with my models :)

Like my models? Buy me a coffee :) enter image description here


[20-04-21] Initial Upload.


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Don't use DDS files in Blender
DDS files are not supported in Blender and cause glitches. Here's some instructions on how to get rid of them.

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