Idril (Shadow of War)

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Idril (Shadow of War)
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Idril (Shadow of War)
Idril (Shadow of War)
Idril (Shadow of War)
Idril (Shadow of War)


Idril from Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Ported to Blender by J1

Credit to niodreth for his Vivienne and Chloe projects

Sword credit goes to minghauLoh


  • Rigify rig with preserved in-game hair bones and the deform bones from Vivienne
  • Bones for the sheath, prop bones for each hand
  • The Sword consists of two meshes - one is inside the sheath, the other parented to the right hand
  • In Object Mode, the rig has a custom property in its Properties that quickly lets you disable/enable Corrective Smooth from all meshes that use it.


  • There is a "Clothing" text object that lets you switch between smaller texts, each corresponding to a different outfit. It's as far as I can get with just drivers without scripting. It's also used to automatically apply masks. For example, Armor ---> Torso, Hide Sleeves, Shoes etc.
  • The dress can be recolored using a slider in the "Dress" text. It controls a hue node, with the default being 0.04.


  • Shapekeys for the buttocks, breasts, genitals
  • Made an extra "ultrawide" shapekey for the vagina
  • Deleted broken shape keys, stripping the mesh down from 100+... I don't know to be honest, 50+ genital shapekeys. Should help performance
  • A cock because the Chloe model had one


  • The mask for Hide Sleeves conflicts with the mask for the Dress. Keep Hide Sleeves set to 1 when you're using the Dress to avoid this issue.
  • When Appending Idril to a new project, make sure to check if the script has also been appended and is running. Otherwise the Rig Layers and other crucial elements of the Rigify rig will be missing.

The head mesh isn't actually seamlessly merged with the Vivienne body. I tested it thoroughly, though, and it looks good enough to keep as is for me personally, no painfully bad clipping at least for my standards. Clever camera shots recommended!

The model + rig themselves weight 250+ MB. Textures about 400+ MB. Uncompressed .blend file weighs around 700 MB. I have no idea when this grew so large

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  Idril_v1.rar  5382021-04-06 21:21:29129.11 MB
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