[Subverse] Lily

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[Subverse] Lily
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[Subverse] Lily


Hello, here is a port from the game Subverse to Blender of Lily

/!\ READ CAREFULLY You need to install rig_tool.zip as an addon before using this rig. Also the texture are in a separate zip /!\


  • AutoRigPro armature for arm and legs
  • All usefull bones in different layers for ease of use (1:body, 2:fingers, 3:face, 4:genitals, 5:hairs)
  • Everything is sorted carefully in collection. If you need to use the model in a scene, just import the collection "Lily"
  • Outfit have been separated in different part for a modular outfit.
  • Fixed some bones placement and orientation for ease of use


  • Use AutoRigPro so you need rig_tools
  • In the material "Lily_Face" there is a node called "Smudged Mascara" to show more or less the mascara smudging texture on her face
  • The breast bones and breast clothes bones aren't connected so they are in the same layer
  • There is a shapekey for feet to fit in shoes, but the toe placement is a problem for bones, I need to find a good fix.
  • I didn't added spine controller, face and finger because I find them less convenient to use than directly bones, and let the overhall model simple.
  • I remade it from scratch but I used a bit of trick in materials from the Nibs/Coombot3D one so thank you



  • Added missing tongue mesh
  • Small materials fix
  • Separated Hairs from Body if you want to customize hairs

Thanks, don't hesitate to say me if you see problems or have suggestion; I'm avaiable on twitter @FiaVoidWolf


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  Lily_v1.1.blend  8302021-04-04 12:48:1734.61 MB
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  textures_v1.0.zip  10082021-04-02 16:39:4548.41 MB
🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
File contents:
  rig_tools_t2YJXom.zip  4472021-04-02 16:39:4518.34 KB
🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
File contents:
  Lily_v1.0.blend  5112021-04-02 16:39:4234.1 MB
🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
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