2B - Nier Automata

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2B - Nier Automata

New version updated to my current model setup, improved in pretty much every area

What's included

  • 2B with full nude body and both IK and FK rig
  • 4 outfits, 4 hairstyles
  • Lots of weapons + pod


  • My UI addon provided in the download section
  • The shared textures I provide in the download section
  • Daz addon 1.6.2 (provided below) or superior (not tested but should work)
  • Blender 3.5 or superior

What's new ?

  • Rigging has been updated and fixed where needed, especially Kaine/Dlc outfit which was terrible.
  • Experimental integration of bone constraints for clothes to help a little with posing. It's not perfect by any means and will often require user input anyway.
  • New option for the main outfit to be colored by users : select outfit color nΒ°3 then go into objects cogwheels and change colors.
  • I've added a cleaner version of the boots which is now the default, dirt can be brought back via in the UI (boots cogwheel).

How to use

  1. Download everything
  2. Install both addons
  3. Extract model and all textures
  4. Use the panel called "LeGuymelef UI" to tweak...there's just too much in there to explain here but most features should be self explanatory. Explore and try things out.

Outfits Library

Known issues

  • Clipping will happen, that's life in 3d, best way to fix is to go in sculpt mode. It's mighty useful so it's a great skill to have if you're not familiar with it.


Q: IK doesn't work at all --> A: 1) Make sure you're using the panel called LeGuymelef UI panel and 2) make sure you're using the IK switch button and not just showing the IK bones from the armature layer

Q: Knees don't bend in IK --> A: Switch back to FK, use the clear pose button, then switch back to IK

Q: Textures are weird or body is all shiny --> A: Download and install shared textures

Q: Do I need both the shared textures and the ones that come with the model ? --> A: Yes.

Q: Hair has black patches on cycles --> A: Increase the transparency bounces

Q: Do you take commissions --> A: No

Q: Mirror posing doesn't work --> A: Use the mirror mode from the UI

Q: How do I control the gens opening --> A: Scale the pink bones close to the gens

Q: I'm new to blender --> A: Hi "new to blender", I'm LeGuymelef, let me introduce you to Google.

Q: Heels for the darth outfit are wonky --> A: Use the correct heel pose from the UI, the name of the heels tells you which pose you should use [LowH] = Low Heels pose.

Q: Is there a list of your models ? A: Yes, HERE


  • shinteo for the original model, Petrarca22 for the textures
  • Mustard for the base UI
  • crute for some of the armature widgets


  • V4.0 : UI replacement with my addon, various fixes and improvements
  • V3.5 : skin shader improvements + some fixes
  • V3.3 : newest version with lots of improvements
  • V2.5 : another fix for genitalia, all good now I hope
  • V2.4 : small fixes for genitalia
  • V2.2 : new outfit + new hairstyle + improved cleavage shape keys + fixed eyelashes and eyebrows for expressions + latest ui and options + improved support for cycles. Don't forget the shared textures.
  • V1.1 : UI now works with multiple characters in the same file ! To assure compatibility each UI will only recognize outfit and hair collections that have the name of the character + Outfit or Hair in it ; also fix for fingers not deforming correctly depending on the bones used + better hair reflection shader
  • V1.0 : initial release


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  LeGuymelef_ui_Addon_2_0_3_Oet0uQz.zip   662 2023-08-27 02:00:47 24.79 KB
File contents:
  2B_V4.0_-_LeGuymelef.7z   958 2023-08-27 02:00:38 253.28 MB
File contents:
  2K_-_Female_Shared_Textures_V12_-_LeGuymelef_K9QSQFv.7z   731 2023-08-27 02:00:46 123.67 MB
File contents:
  Daz_Addon_v1_6_2_LKmvG6J.zip   457 2023-08-27 02:00:46 1.45 MB
File contents:
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