Cindy Aurum [FFXV/Custom]

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Cindy Aurum [FFXV/Custom]


Here is Cindy Aurum (FFXV). This is a custom model I made, with assets from FFXV that I found online. I started work on this model a few weeks ago with the intent of just making a realistic Cindy. Hope you guys enjoy.

Some features include:

  • MHX Rig (any bone you need is in layers)
  • Rigged Genitals/Anus (although it would be best to use the shape keys)
  • Tons of shape keys for different facial expressions
  • High-Quality Skin Texture
  • High-Quality Clothes texture
  • High-quality tongue with morphable keys for bending and twisting.


  1. This is a custom model; I shaped her face and body as close as I could.

  2. Use her shape keys to open her genitals or anus - you can keyframe shape keys if you didn't know.

  3. Diffeomorphic is required - her expressions are in the UI - some are just shape keys.

  4. The model comes with her hair & hat (one mesh), and clothes from the game.

  5. If you notice one of her face bones doesn't move, go into the "item" menu and delete the driver. Again just taking precautions just in case.

  6. Made for CYCLES but should work in Eevee. However, if you have problems in Eevee don't ask me because I have about 2% knowledge of how to use Eevee. Seriously, if you run into a texture problem, and your render engine says "Eevee", don't ask me. Textures are packed in the .blend

  7. Go into her face and right-click on "Cheesecake Skin Shader" (might be mcy_skin), then turn up or down the specular to remove or add wetness; same for bump. If you notice a part of her doesn't respond to the dial then that is simply because the group node is separated from the rest (done by me on purpose). So go to that body material and edit that group node.

  8. The mesh is from Genesis 8 and uses textures from it. Her hair and clothes are from FFXV that I found online.

  9. Weight paint on her clothes could be a hit or miss. Just do some proportional editing/sculpting when doing crazy poses.

  10. Cindy is a SLUT (hehe), so I wanted this human breeding machine to have a slutty tongue people could morph. Her tongue has multiple keys for morphing, you can find it in the diffeomorphic UI called "Custom Morphs". You can do all kinds of things with it like twist, curl, etc. It's a geograph from Renderotica called Lickalicious. I shaded it well so it should look realistic (Cycles tho). You can turn down the tongue wetness by just editing the group node's specular. Diffeomorphic required.

enter image description here

  1. Her shoes clip because they're on an angle, but if you know what you're doing you don't need me to explain different things you could do to fix this. One thing you could do is simply mask the vertices of the foot. I didn't do it because I didn't want people asking why her feet aren't showing. Use this as a learning moment if you're new to Blender and try masking.

  2. Enjoy the model. Remember to tag or credit me if you use her.


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