Kara [Detroit: Become Human]

Kara [Detroit: Become Human]


Here is Kara from Detroit, ported from Daz.

Some features include (same as always):

  • MHX Rig
  • Rigged Genitals/Anus (although it would be best to use the shape keys)
  • Tons of shape keys for different facial expressions (FACS Included)
  • High-Quality Skin Texture
  • High-Quality Clothes texture


  1. Use her shape keys to open her genitals or anus - you can keyframe shape keys if you didn't know.

  2. Diffeomorphic is required - her expressions are in the UI.

  3. The model comes with her basic clothes, and both her hairstyles.

  4. If you notice one of her face bones doesn't move, go into the "item" menu and delete the driver. Again just taking precautions just in case.

  5. Made for CYCLES but should work in Eevee. However, if you have problems in Eevee don't ask me because I have about 2% knowledge of how to use Eevee. Textures are packed in the .blend

  6. Go into her face and right-click on "Cheesecake Skin Shader", then turn up or down the specular to remove or add wetness - same for bump. Her legs are not linked to the other nodes so you'll need to edit that separately. I don't get hard from models having doll-like flawless skin texutre, so I turn my bump/normals up a bit but you can turn it down if you want.

  7. Weight paint on her clothes could be a hit or miss. Just do some proportional editing/sculpting when doing crazy poses.

  8. Enjoy the model and let me know of any issues you encounter. Tag or credit me if you use her.



  • Original model by: Quantic Dream

  • Ported to Daz by: GuhzCoituz

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