Mama [Death Stranding]

Mama [Death Stranding]
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Mama [Death Stranding]


UPDATED (2/24/2021)

Here is Mama from Death Stranding (ported from the daz model). Surprised no one has ported her as she's the hottest female in the game (in my opinion). She looks like my substitute teacher way back in high school that I always wanted to bang.

Some features include:

  • MHX Rig (Pretty much the same as Rigify but better IMO)
  • Rigged Genitals/Anus (although it would be best to use the shape keys)
  • Tons of shape keys for different facial expressions
  • High-Quality Skin Texture
  • High-Quality clothes texture


  1. She has tons of shape keys for facial expressions.

  2. Use her shape keys to open her genitals or anus - you can keyframe shape keys if you didn't know.

  3. Diffeomorphic is required - her expressions are in the UI and the shape keys.

  4. I didn't go crazy with weight paint on her clothes because no one ever uses the clothes I put on models anyway. Should be good enough where it's at.

  5. If you notice one of her face bones doesn't move, go into the "item" menu and delete the driver. I thought I got rid of them all so you shouldn't see any, just saying.

  6. Made for CYCLES but should work in Eevee. However, if you have problems in Eevee don't ask me because I have about 2% knowledge of how to use Eevee. Textures are packed in the .blend

  7. If high-quality texture gives you migraines, get some help. Alternatively, just go into her face and just turn down the bump. Same thing for wetness as you just turn up or down the specular.

  8. Weight paint is a hit or miss (I don't spend much time on it), because I know people won't use the clothes. If you do decide to use the clothes, especially in an animation, then you probably know what you're doing and don't need me to explain sculpting, masking, and editing.

  9. Anyways, happy rendering and enjoy the port. Looking forward to seeing what you guys create.

  10. UPDATE READ: Her nipples might not conform correctly with the new update when you move her body around (just noticed this). If this happens, just smooth the weight on the pectoral groups a few times. No need to upload an entirely new file, you can fix it within seconds.

UPDATE 2 (Final Version):

  • Fixed the issue with her legs not bending correctly because of the armature not being aligned correctly. (thanks to Nextr3D for helping me with this)

  • Re-sized her breasts back to normal size (just sculpt or simply raise the size of the breast bones to make them bigger).

  • Added bottom of feet wrinkles for a more realistic experience. Adjust the bump to your liking or remove it if you don't like it. (it's in legs group node not face)

    enter image description here

  • Even more shape keys for facial expressions.

  • Added her handcuffs from the game (rigged but not perfect).

  • Re-shaped genitals and fixed the texture.

  • Better anus texture.

If there are any more issues, let me know.

UPDATE 3 (Ultimate Version):

  • Fixed the very annoying weird circles from the light because the specular was fucked up (Cycles). If it's still there (shouldn't be), set bump distance to 0.01 and strength to about 0.200. If you do your own shaders for characters then you can ignore this. (This is referring to cycles only).

  • Added a new hairstyle.

  • Added 2 extra clothes (yoga, sexy secretary).

  • Changed to MHX Rig for better....everything.

  • Much better and correctly shaped nipples.

  • Diffeomorphic is now required - her expressions are in the UI (some in shape keys).


  • Original model by: Kojima Productions

  • Ported to Daz by: GuhzCoituz

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