Catwoman - Batman Arkham

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Catwoman - Batman Arkham
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Catwoman - Batman Arkham
Catwoman - Batman Arkham
Catwoman - Batman Arkham


Catwoman from the Batman Arkham games, since no one had done a lewd version yet (far as I know) I had a go at it. Comes with the Arkham City and Knight models since I like them both. Also includes some gadgets with their basic original game rig, and the whip with a custom adapted rig which deforms a little weirdly.

You should know I'm not an experienced rigger or anything, but after some reiterations and tweaking I believe it came out alright, there may still be some issues, let me know.

The model is also setup with some custom drivers for convenience and ease of access, just select the root bone (in pose mode) and go to the N properties panel (above rig properties) to tweak to your preference, including changing between the City and Knight version.

Regarding performance, the textures and everything is packed in the blend file, you may want to unpack them somewhere. Model also comes with particle eyelashes and brows to add a little extra flavor (and because I wasn't satisfied with the defaults), however they may cost viewport performance, so you can disable them in the previously mentioned properties panel that has all the toggles you want, you'll also find there the toggles for some other performance costing stuff such as masks and shrinkwraps (I still recommend you enable the shrinkwrap and particles BEFORE the final render as they look better).

One more thing that highly helps viewport performance, mainly if you're gonna animate, is to use the "exclude from view layer" checkbox in the outliner, you may have to enable it in the filters from the outliner first if you don't see it. Just uncheck whichever collection you're not using (such as uncheck the parent City collection if you're only using Knight) and that gives quite a boost, because even though I set up the drivers to disable in viewport (and not just hide), excluding from view with the checkbox still granted more performance.

The file is also setup for EEVEE, I did not test with cycles however if you use it I assume you know your way around it, and they easily transfer between each other easily anyway. You might wanna check the subsurface scattering settings, I set it up as to reduce and avoid this annoying issue in EEVEE, which is also the reason you might find some objects have a tiny amount of SSS (such as fingernails or the goggles), becaue that fixes the issue. If you're using EEVEE and want to append to your own file, I recommend that you append the "Catwoman" collection, and don't forget to enable Screen Space reflections and then refraction, for the eyes to work properly.

Some references and credits:

Custom eyes thanks to this tutorial by Bandyte, because I wasn't happy with the defaults.

Body thanks to Neroticus here.

Thanks to smutbase/open3dlab for their tutorial on ripping models from unreal engine which made this possible, and the materials tutorial that also helped figuring out some weirdly colored texture files.

Credit also to ColonelYobo for this safe for work catwoman that I used for reference on shaders and got the clean suit textures from, which is in turn originally by XNASyndicate.

Have fun, credit me if you want (I would certainly appreciate it!), any issues comment here or DM me @ent_duke

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