All In One Male Model


Male All In One

What you get

  • 11 well know male game figures + a default face with fully nude body and both IK and FK rig
  • 11 outfits from the respective characters, including some weapons
  • 10 hairstyles
  • 10 Body morphs presets (thin, fat etc.) which outfits will adapt to
  • Possibility to mix and match faces, hairs, eyes, outfits etc.
  • A few poses

This model was made in blender 2.91 and tweaked for Eevee, I don't use Cycles anymore so I won't really be able to help you if you use it, see FAQ for most common issues. It should work fine with any 2.8 and ulterior versions of Blender.


  • You need the diffeomorphic addon installed in order to use the rig. I've used the version provided below, can't answer for previous or ulterior versions

(more info about the addon here :

If I know your models, anything new/specific with this one ?

  • New drop down menus in mustard ui to select the desired face/eyes/gens/body type
  • Pose library for ding dong's size
  • Clipping issues should be more limited, I've noticed a few issues anyway that I'll try to fix along the way

How to use

  • This model is handled through 2 panels : the daz panel (diffeomorphic addon) for everything rig or shape keys related, the mustard UI panel for the rest

  • Daz panel :

  • When you select the rig, you'll find a bunch of controls for it in the daz panel under MHX sections, you can toggle layers, switch FK/IK (also possible from MustardUI) and other stuff. There's a layer for face bones but you can also use the Face Units.

  • In face units, body morphs and custom morphs, you'll find a whole bunch of shape keys for expressions or body transforms. Lots and lots of options.

  • From the posing section you can import daz poses if you have some.

  • Mustard UI Panel

  • In the skin properties section lies the wet, hue/saturation/value for the skin, scratches, spanked and dirt options. Just select the value you want for each one.

  • Next are all the drop down lists for hairstyles, face/skin, eyes, bodytype and genscolor as well as a slider to control erection and a switch to hide genitals. Body types and faces morphs selected in the mustardUI are just a base, you can also tweak it from the daz panel.

  • In the outfits section you can select the desired outfit in the drop menu and then each individual piece of clothing with the buttons. When you see a little gear icon, it means there's some special color tweak options available if you click on it.

  • Finally in the body armature layers, you'll find armature layers and switches between IK/FK and modes for the rig (same as in Daz Panel). Use the rest pose switches if you're on rest pose, otherwise use the other poses switches (longer to execute).

Known issues

  • Model will appear pink on opening the model, just choose any other option in skin/eyes/gen color drop menus to solve. You can then go back. Can't do anything about it as far as I know, blender doesn't handle image sequences very well and that's the only solution I found to get around the limit of texture nodes in a material.
  • When switching to heavy body type the genitals go inside the body, just move the bone called GenControl01 so that it's outside the body
  • Darth Malgus is only usable with armor atm, no real body texture
  • Clipping with clothes. Multiple things you can do : 1) Check if it's because you're in the viewport and the subdivision surface modifier for the body isn't activated. 2) Create a body mask to hide the unwanted parts 3) Learn/use sculpting, trust me it's mighty useful


  • Everything is purple ! If you haven't done it yet : Go to File --> External Data --> Find Missing Files, then navigate to wherever you put the textures folder on your drive and click on the "Find Missing Files" button. If you have already setup missing files see known issues.
  • The model is all over the place when I open the file ! --> it's an incompatibility between the daz addon and your blender install. You need to find what's causing it, for some people it's an out of date daz addon so try to update it. Easiest way to fix is to reinstall blender and clear this folder but be aware it will delete all your custom settings and addons : C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\BlenderVersionYouUse. Then make sure that Auto Run Python Scripts is checked in edit --> preferences --> save & load.
  • The pose library don't work ? Make sure you have no bones selected in the pose mode, then activate poses.
  • Hair looks weird in Cycles : set the subsurface to 0 on the hair material. Maybe also delete the AO node in the shader groups, I made it so that they aren't used if you use Cycles but maybe you've got a custom blender UI and my solution doesn't work.
  • There's no face preset for the Master Chief ? Nope


  • Tag me if you use the model, I'd enjoy seeing what you do with it (@LeGuymelef on twitter)
  • If you use my models for patreon exclusive content or otherwise, please consider giving a little something back :
  • What's next : more outfits and heads along the way


  • shinteo for the original models
  • Mustard for the UI


  • V1.3 : new "mannequin" collection with low poly body model, can be used to pose with better performance in viewport (deactivate Male Body collection while using mannequin) ; hands don't stretch in ik anymore ; knees don't follow feet rotation in ik ; automatic switch to 0 for SSS on hair material if you use Cycles ; most hairs now follow the armature in object mode (except Jack's, use pose mode) ; a few weight paint improvements ; wet slider back to 0 by default ;
  • V1.21 : little fix for the hide gens button
  • V1.2 : 3 new bones controlling the genitals using a bezier curve (GensControl01-02-03)[classic bones moved to layer 26] ; Fixed missing wet node on genitals ; "Fix" for heavy body type genitals' deformation
  • V1.1 : Fixed a bug with gen erect pose
  • V1.0 : initial release

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