Panam Palmer [Cyberpunk 2077]

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If you plan doing something with her then first, thank you for trusting us but please tag Th3Celtic first (see credits below), he made most of work.

What's included

  • Panam Palmer with genitals, nude body and clothing. Fully rigged (IK/FK)
  • Daz Diffeomorphic addon for Blender
  • A lot of love from creators


V1.4 19/01/2021 (final release)

  • Mesh reworked from the ground up, now accurately with the original head shape from the game files (also removing the "rework" blendshapes)

Removed unused blendshapes.

  • Tweaked face diffuse and normal maps.
  • Added missing decals on the shoulder pads of the jacket.
  • Zipped Textures folder to make file size smaller.
  • THIS IS THE FINAL UPDATE. YOU CAN STILL DOWNLOAD 1.2 VERSION (old version on the images below)

V1.3.1 16/01/2021 :

  • Head was re-scaled to better match the proportions of the body. Sorry for the inconvenience.

V1.3 14/01/2021 :

  • Face was reworked to better match the original head mesh from the game. Textures had a bit of a tweak , made her more darker and eye color more brighter.

  • Fixed a texture error in the jacket

  • Before :Before

  • New (1.3) : enter image description here

V1.2 11/01/2021 :

  • More bones for the hair.
  • Breast weights have been tweaked.
  • The Gaze option should now move with the head.
  • Tweaked a few handle gizmos.
  • The harness also gets an update , it should be more poseable than before but unfortunately like the in-game rig it has some issues when bending the thighs, i tried the best of my ability to make it workable but nothing more i can do on it due to the unpractical "Clip straps" between the pelvis and the thighs.
  • Compositor is fixed.

This model is compatible with Cycles and EEVEE, you still need a minimum of knowledge with DAZ models.


  • DAZ Diffeomorphic addon for Blender installed (included in model as I said earlier)
  • Blender 2.90 (or 2.91+)
  • Basic knowledge about DAZ models in Blender.



  • Everything works with the DAZ addon panel, you have sliders for a lot of things, mostly for face rigs and expressions. (Face Units and Expressions tabs)

  • You can still use the facial bones for the expressions if needed.

  • The Custom Morphs Tab contains the genital morphs as well as Glute and Tongue tweak morphs

  • Due to the topology of the model there are two screenshots available to guide you and help optimize blender for fair usage of the model.

Screen1 Screen2

Known Issues

  • There will be some minor clipping with the clothes if the poses get a bit extreme. We highly recommend you to use shape keys and sculpt/edit mode for corrections.

  • The harness design being difficult to work with makes it unpractical to do proper weights, it got partly fixed with the 1.2 version to the best of my ability, some issues can still be fixed with the sculpt tool.


We spent more than a week on that model so PLEASE credit us, that will motivate us to make/share more models for free.

The true Hero behind this : Th3Celtic

The Maniac who extracted content from game : Major Guardian

The 3 Mercenaries who tested and brought constructive feedbacks :

7 GraphicsStrauzekTomoganim

The mighty supporter who helped us with clothes shader insight : Irastris

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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Panam1.4WithAddon   3012 2021-01-20 12:32:43 218.9 MB
File contents:
  PanamV1.2WithAddon   1195 2021-01-11 20:50:32 213.08 MB
File contents:
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