Cass Hamada [Big Hero 6]

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Cass Hamada [Big Hero 6]
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Cass Hamada [Big Hero 6]


Hello everyone!

This is an old model (relatively), then there seemed to be no free alternatives (well, or I simply could not find them) and tried to create something similar. The work has progressed slowly and there are now other higher quality models on the web. But still I want to share my version too.

(since you started, you have to finish, right? :) )

At the moment, I am sharing what managed to do.

(updated in 0.6)

  • I tried again to rebuild the body to look more like the original, also changed the face.

  • Removed bones causing conflict of rigs.

  • Fixed the weights of the bones (hopefully)

  • and that's all for now

Enjoy your use)

(updated in 0.5)

  • Added a rig based on BlenRig. It was interesting to meet him. I liked its extensive capabilities, especially the possibility of subsequent adjustments and editing. So maybe you can customize it better than me. :)

  • Trial rig with clothing settings added to the basic one. The rig will be attached separately, because for now I'm afraid to damage the integrity of the main rig. Although some seem to have been built in.


Note_1: Hairs (eyebrows) have levels of anchoring to a higher level of subviews. If there is a need to change this, you need to re-invoke the controller.

Note_2: For full use it is worth installing the addon.

Note_3: Adjusted the neck a little. if additional changes are needed, blenRig must support changes in body proportions.

Note_4: I don’t think the developers will like what the rig was used for, so "shhh".

Attached are versions:

  • 1: with rig + addon archive

  • 2: without rig : (only main model + some adjustments)


This is an amateur model, mistakes are present. I will be glad to your remarks :)

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  CassHamada_V_0_6_BlenRig.rar  16472021-01-30 18:57:5858.92 MB
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File contents:
  CassHamada_V_0_6_WithoutRig_Gz1opNX.rar  3512021-01-30 19:07:4752.23 MB
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File contents:
  CassHamada_V_0_5_BlenRig_QuttHHS.rar  5892021-01-22 12:29:2057.53 MB
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File contents:
  CassHamada_V_0_5_WithoutRig_cKSw8Y4.rar  2942021-01-22 12:15:0250.74 MB
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File contents:
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