Iksar Female [EQ2] (v3.2 Update)

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Welcome to the land of Norrath! This is an Iksar female from EverQuest 2, a race of pure evil reptilian badasses. You can read up on Iksar lore here.

[[UPDATE]] Version 3.2 uploaded.

IksarFemale v3.2 Changelog:

- Redid a lot of the weights on the pussy and anus
- Changed parent bones on lower frillik masters D & E to the neck instead of head.
- Added Child To constraints to frillik masters D & E to follow the head at partial influence. 
- Slight cleaning up of weights around the neck and head
- Slight adjustment to locations of head bone to help with bending
- Gave middle finger to weight painting

IksarFemale v3.1 Changelog:

-Cleaned up some weights on the gloves and right bracelet
-Added missing limit location modifier to the right corrective wrist bone
-Fixed missing parents on some toe bones. All toe bones should now properly follow the foot movements
-Adjusted the cape so it's not initially penetrating the chainmail and top
-Fixed bone rotation on the tail so Z is UP
-Set Copy Rotation influence on belt strap 002 bones to .75 from 1.0 so they can be manually moved
-Added Sub Surf mod to body with 0 viewport and 3 render to help with having a nice smooth body in renders. This mod is not applied.
-Fixed issue on shape keys where any eye shape keys sould move some verts near the mouth unintentionally
-Smoothened out inner mouth verts on Amused shapekey 
-Fixed Blink Left/Right shape keys to no longer move verts elsewhere on the head and neck
-Fixed some verts between the upper lip and eyes that were moving on almost all shape keys 
-Fixed shapekeys that were moving the teeth verts unintentionally

Here is what is included in v3:

  • Fully rigged for Blender with IK/FK controls for body and outfit (included!)
  • Custom rig for face, frilliks (the head fins) and genitals
  • 80 shape keys to assist with animations/posing that include facial controls, expressions, and bulges for the throat and belly (includes pregnancy buldges)
  • Modeled interior of mouth with a rigged tongue and uvula
  • Extra rig controls for the genitals to assist in manually gaping to accommodate cocks of various sizes
  • Default skin is purple but she also comes with 5 other color texture variants, all with 1k, 2k and 4k options.
  • Emissive textures for her eyes. You can control the strength of them on the shader itself.

The texture packs contain the alternative skins and come in 1k, 2k, 4k packs or get them all in one. To get the texture packs I put them in dropbox since the files are big even when compressed. Links:

1k Texture Pack

2k Texture Pack

4k Texture Pack

All-In-One Texture Pack

To use the textures, extract the textures of your choice into the “textures” folder where you unzipped the blend package. Overwrite the textures that are in that folder.

Start Blender, load the blend file and it will show the Iksar with the textures in that folder. You can unpack the textures while you have Blender open but you will need to reload the blend file or revert it to see the new textures.

This is my first character model and I’ve spent a lot of time on it but I’m sure there are issues, especially with the weight painting. So please hit me up with feedback, bugs and harsh criticism. I’ll try to check here as much as I can but you can also try to reach me on twitter.

Please credit me if you use this model.

Twitter: @Doctor_Ark

FurAffinity: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/doctorark/

Base Body used: Asira by Ashnar

Special thanks to AnnoAD for testing this model in Blender. Check him out on FA: https://www.furaffinity.net/user/annoad/


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  IksarFemale_Release_v3_Vvartks.rar   401 2021-01-08 17:31:29 373.98 MB
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Scaling Simple Blender Rigs
As they say, size is everything.

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