Yoni Low-Poly Genitals

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Yoni Low-Poly Genitals
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Yoni Low-Poly Genitals
Yoni Low-Poly Genitals


Low Poly Genital Base Mesh. You can graft this onto your game-rip characters without it looking as out of place as a full set of DAZ genitals.

Connects to a 4x6 patch of faces, so the foot print is minimal.

UV-unwrapped for texturing

Comes with 7 shapekeys to facilitate opening of vagina and urethra and the clit size (see demo animation).


V [1.2.0] 2020/01/21 (Blender 2.91.0) Added Shapekey Clit Hood Over

V [1.1.0] 2020/01/17 (Blender 2.91.0) Changed Basis Shape: Added more details, shaped the anatomical forms Added Shapekeys Clit Size, Urethra Open/Close, Labia Horizontal, Labia Vertical, Vulva Horizontal, Vulva Vertical

V [1.0.0] 2020/01/03 (Blender 2.91.0) Init

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  Yoni_1_2_0.blend  6362021-01-21 18:08:55158.75 KB
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  Yoni_1_1_0.blend  3382021-01-17 00:25:54152.22 KB
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  Yoni_LoPolyVagina_4x6_1_0_0.blend  6032021-01-03 22:38:05117.45 KB
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