Lara Croft [Shadow of the Tomb Raider]

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Lara Croft  [Shadow of the Tomb Raider]


This model is still in BETA, please report any bugs!

How to

Export the textures zip next to the blend file.

When opening the blend file press the 'Allow Execution' button. Than select an armature called Lara, either from the outliner or in the viewport. Press N to expand the menu on the right side of the viewport. Click the Lara tab.UI showcase



  • script generating the UI now gets appended with the rig


  • fixed the eyes refraction problem
  • improved/changed the iris material


  • once again I had to fix a dumb parenting issue


  • new genital bones for easier control
  • rigged hair
  • some other small fixes


  • removed all "missing" textures
  • added toggle to disable physics


  • removed Environment texture node (that's why she was purple)
  • enabled some modifiers
  • to be able to use the breast bones you will have to disable mesh deform modifiers on her body


  • Clean topology on her body(or at least I tried)
  • Rigged face, body, breasts, genitals can be opened using only by shapekeys for now
  • Rigged Tactical outfit
  • Custom UI

not required but you can tag me on twitter so I can see what you create with her

If you find any bugs please report them on my twitter

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  lara_v1.1.3.blend  14972021-02-25 16:29:14339.77 MB
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  lara_v1.1.2.blend  5952021-02-19 22:02:29339.77 MB
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