[Final Fantasy VII Remake] Tifa Lockhart - Version 2

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Content of this release

  • original FF VII Remake outfits
  • additional outfits (more than 10, with different textures and customization options)
  • original rigged hair styles
  • dedicated UI with outfit selector and materials/mesh properties
  • dedicated bones for the genitals
  • breasts and bottom physics
  • mouth controller

Note: I highly advise you to read the instructions. There are some differences with respect to other models. This will help you to quickly resolve some of the most common issues.

Alternative versions

You can find alternative versions:


  • It's mandatory to install the Blender addon rig_tools.zip provided in this release (remember to restart Blender before using the model), which enables the IK rig, etc.. The UI will check this and raise a warning if the addon is not correctly installed and enabled. If you are not sure how to install the addon, google it!
  • For all Eevee users, the eyebrows are better rendered if, in the render settings -> Hair tab, you switch to Strip and Additional Subdiv to the maximum value. Also be sure to increase the value of the subsurface scattering in the UI.
  • All the custom properties are in the new UI. A tutorial is available at: https://github.com/Mustard2/MustardUI/wiki/Tutorial
  • To enable the UI after appending the model in another file, see the tutorial (link above or in the UI Links tab).
  • The model use Corrective Smooth/Shrinkwrap modifiers. If you find some odd clipping/behaviour while posing the model, try to disable them in the UI.
  • There are some poses available in the Pose Library (remember to select all bones, also the Advanced ones that can be enabled in the UI), but some of them are simple ports from other models and are broken at the moment. They will be fixed in future releases.
  • To enable the fingers IK, follow the Auto-Rig Pro guide.
  • Due to a current Blender limitation, drivers which are used to switch on the nipples shape when you have an outfit equipped may not switch automatically when you change a model in the UI. To let Blender compute the correct value of the driver and fix the issue, just select the Armature (any bone in Pose bone).
  • If you have any problem or you have poor performance in viewport, try to check Instructions or the FAQ. If you can't find the solution to your problem, or you would like to report a bug, you can contact me (contacts at the end).

Future plans and known bugs

  • port the remaining two original outfits (and the gloves)
  • improve the torso rig (especially the last bone)
  • fix the poses library (some poses needs to be checked)
  • add tan lines, makeup, etc..

Final Notes


  • a huge and special thanks go to Setarcos04 for providing the new model proportions (https://twitter.com/Setarcos04)
  • a huge and special thanks go to Vinny for the cleaning of all the mesh (https://twitter.com/Vinny_arts)
  • ProGamer000900 for the xps model
  • nagoonimation for the droplets textures
  • Vermilionace for the additional canon proportions and poses
  • Mokujin Hornywood for the help with vertex paint


Version 3 (01/03/2021)

  • added IK for fingers (check the instructions above if you want to enable it). Remember to download the new rig_tools if you want to use this!
  • updated the skin shader. You can revert this change using the "legacy options" (click Tifa armature and check its custom properties)
  • fixed some constraints with the mouth controller
  • fixed various clipping
  • fixed small error in UI preventing the appearance of normal intensity slider even if advanced options were enabled

Version 2 (24/12/2020)

  • added makeup from Kimono outfit
  • improved the mouth controller behavious against head rotations (thanks to facelesspanda)
  • added movement limitations to mouth bones and adjusted influence of mouth controller bones to lips
  • tweaked the default value of SSS (the default value has been lowered from 0.07 to 0.055)
  • updated MustardUI to 0.11.3
  • added a fix for the knees bending
  • fixed naming of textures that might lead to overwrite of texture during extraction (thanks to Mokujin_hornywood)
  • fixed Christmas outfit not being affected by lattice transformations
  • fixed missing metal textures in several outfits
  • fixed missing AO in Kimono outfit
  • fixed normal Panties texture of Simple Lingerie
  • fixed neck seam when subdivision surface is activated
  • fixed Pink Dress shader
  • deleted unused textures


  • this update brings a new Skin Normal Intensity slider in the UI, if you enable Advanced Settings. For more informations: https://twitter.com/MustardSFM/status/1342218751706607616.
  • makeup is not compatible with blush, they cannot be activated at the same time: disable makeup to activate blush.

Version 1a (first public version, 23/12/2020)


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