Braden (Generic Male 2)

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Braden (Generic Male 2)
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Braden (Generic Male 2)
Braden (Generic Male 2)
Braden (Generic Male 2)
Braden (Generic Male 2)


This is the hottest male model right now.

Hey guys, another male model here for everyone.

The base mesh is from the Daz site Renderosity [Tempesta3d]. I did some work in Daz Studio, then exported, rigged, and textured this model in Blender (thanks to Crute for the help btw!).

Some features include (same shit as always):

  • Standard Rigify Rig
  • Rigged Genitals
  • Tons of shape keys for different facial expressions (recommended for opening mouth, etc)

Made mostly for Cycles but if you're a Eevee master then be my guest. If you notice his hair doesn't look right, turn up your lights paths. Idk why people are afraid of putting their light paths on max. Hide his hair except for rendered view unless you have a monster PC because Daz hair is heavy and decimate doesn't do shit for me.

His cock is also.....a good size that should satisfy everyone (pause). People complained about my early models not having a big enough cock so this should be fine. You can adjust the size as well to your liking.

This model also has clothes as some people requested clothes on my models. I'm not putting any more clothes on him as it's a lot of work but you are free to add more yourself. Maybe I'll add more if he becomes popular. You can also change his hair color to whatever if you change the base color shader nodes.

Braden is public for everyone so feel free to build on it and make him better or do whatever you need for him to fit your scene. As always all I ask is you tag/credit me if you do decide to use him. I have a Patreon but we make adult VNs so unless you play those, my Twitter is just fine :). Textures are packed in the .blend file.

Enjoy guys.

Jill model is by Rigid3D

I'll post the live-streamer room on Open3dLab when I get around to it for anyone who wants it.

Once again, hide his hair except for rendered view if you don't have a good PC and experience lag.

EDIT: V2 because I fixed some weird issue with his scalp. Lmk if you encounter any issues in the comments please.

EDIT 2: I have included the texture file for his clothes because it comes with more colors (example the red and blue shirt).

EDIT 3: V3 because literally just added a dial for cock wetness. Go to shading > Braden Gens. You'll see it, move it around for more spec. Also, I would turn his body rendered subD down to two. Three seems to be too much... Hell I would even drop it to 1, seems to look better. Just my opinion.

EDIT 4: I had a V4 just now that has better cock wetness, but I will just release the shader on the website.

EDIT 5: Upgraded skin texture, better overall wetness including genitals, better clothes texture. If the download isn't available, wait 10 mins for it to sync.

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  Braden_v5.blend  14592020-12-23 22:22:44358.08 MB
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  Braden_v3.blend  10502020-12-06 08:53:25602.44 MB
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  Clothes Textures (Extra Colors)  8942020-12-05 16:52:0850.08 MB
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