Ciri (The Witcher 3)

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Ciri (The Witcher 3)
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Ciri (The Witcher 3)
Ciri (The Witcher 3)
Ciri (The Witcher 3)
Ciri (The Witcher 3)


This model is originally made by Niodreth! He allowed me to upload my version of Ciri from The Witcher 3. It comes with some refinements and a lot of additional content. I tried to make this model as good as possible for 2 years now, so please contact me if you have any issues, suggestions or tips to make it better.


  • Advanced Rig (Drivers for most importantshape keys)
  • Principled BSDF Shaders (new textures and fixed normals - which was a problem in Niodreths)
  • adjustable wetness, water droplets, sweat, facial expression
  • lots of clothing options, piercings and an additional tattoo
  • bunch of shapekeys for all situations
  • hair, breast and butt physics (by default turned off, just enable them in the modifier tab if you want to use them)
  • corrective shapekeys


(I tried to make everything as obvious as possible - video in the files tab) Basics:

  • node settings: nodes that modify the shader are colored, just change the value or press "M" to enable/disable them (at the moment most of the values can be controlled via the drivers in the properties tab of the rig. If you don't want to use them just unplug the value nodes)
  • there are a lot useful of shapekeys in the genitals section, try them :) (I recommend using the "Shapekeys+" plugin) I also made a bunch of bulge shapekeys for throat and belly
  • the most important shapekeys are implemented as bones via drivers
  • if you're using clothes, there is a shapekey for every part to remove overlapping (if using footwear use the "Feet" mask)
  • to increase/decrease the intensity of the physics change the "vertex weight" value
  • Enjoy!



  • missing textures fix


  • easy physics toggle in the properties tab
  • weight paint improvements


Please tag Me and Niodreth if you use this model :)

You can follow me on Twitter. If you have questions or suggestions just send me a direct message!

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  CiriForBlenderV1.0b.rar  31172020-11-27 12:43:44138.97 MB
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File contents:
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