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Lizardman from Herald project.

Creative Commons License:

  • CC BY-NC-SA; but
  • can be monetized if it is part of a work of art, such as a 2D image or video



  • Game ready topology
  • Skin weights will support extreme bends
  • Increased number of bones for areas where fluid bend should be achieved (tongue, penis)
  • Private areas, both anus and penis. Almost all blendshapes were ported from the Dicktator
  • 4096x4096 textures (UDIM)
  • Rig controls based on Auto Rig. Auto Rig controls the Main body through retargeting (bone constraints). This solution helps to keep native weights, bones structure and bones locations/rolls.
  • Facial Rig using Audio2Face shapekeys

How To:

  • To hide tongue use Y location of the Jaw control (c_tongue_in_out)

  • To open/close mouth use X and Z location of the Jaw control (c_tongue_in_out)

  • To bake animation to Unreal Engine, please make sure the STRETCH_TO constraint is disabled for all bones in the tongue

  • Facial Rig Please make sure you got:

    • NVidia Omniverse Audio2Face (A2F), to generate motion from audio file and export as JSON file
    • RTX video card (required to run A2F)
    • FaceIT (Blender Plugin) to import A2F JSON to Blender
    • [Optional] Facemotion3D to drive eyes, brows, head, neck and chest


    • Load FaceRig/Audio2Face.usd in A2F
    • In "Audio Player" panel Load Audio file
    • In "Blenshape Conversion" panel press "Export As JSON" button to save animated blendshape weights into JSON file
    • In FaceIT (Blender Plugin) Mocap tab, Audio2Face section import animation from your JSON file
    • Apply imported ShapeKey animation to "facerig-shapekeys" object

    To apply Upper Face animation you should use "facerig-shapekeys" in the Facemotion3D settings

Known issues:

  • Texture has a several visible seams
  • Minor rotation at "Shin.R" when Rig in Pose Mode
  • Its impossible to change penis Spline IK settings in the UI. Please use manual controls in the Blender


  • Re-sculpt and finish the eyes area
  • Rig Controls for blendshapes


2022.4-11 - 4/5/2022
  - Facial Rig using Audio2Face shapekeys. The feature is in prototype stage. To learn more about it please check "How To" section.

2021.10-10 - 10/17/2021
  - Baked roughness map for wet skin. Now it has much better rendering performance.

2021.9-9 - 9/25/2021
  - Added mesh for Penetrator Receiver Model

2021.8-8 - 8/1/2021
  - A separate penis model has been made, which will be used in Herald.

2021.5-7 - 5/14/2021
  - [Improvement] Removed redundant scale constraints on the bones of the penis. 

2021.4-6 - 4/8/2021
  - [Improvement] Rearranged Rig controls into a separate layers
  - [Fix] Fixed issue when baking animation created a weird bone rotation. For this please keep pose bones Rotation Mode to: Quaternion (WXYZ)

2021.3-5 - 3/17/2021
  - [Fix] Spline IK will not tilt Penis bones

2021.1-4 - 1/10/2021
  - [Fix] Temporary fix for the lagging Normals node. It's not 100% accurate, but really helps during animating with enabled shading. More details is at: and

2020.12-3 - 12/24/2020
  - [Improvement] The Tongue mechanism is now using STRETCH_TO constrains instead CHILD_OF (with scale enabled). This allows to avoid scaled bones in UE4 animations

2020.11-2 - 11/18/2020
  - [Improvement] Added support for Auto Rig controls
  - [Fix] Fixed a minor issue with finger weights. Now it won't affect a neck area

2020.10-1 - 10/15/2020
  - Initial Upload


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