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Liquid Hangs 2.0

A set of Liquid Hangs in diferent shapes (hangs and splats), materials and levels of complexity for easy liquid or fluid needs for Blender. Obviously Blender has fluid simulations, but if you just need a simple (or not so simple in some cases) hang or a splat on the floor, this is a good way to do it.

This model is a Blender port of BarbelSFM's Liquid Hangs SFM models. Enjoy!

Based in BarbellSFM's Liquid Hangs 1 and Liquid Hangs 2 and ported in Blender 2.90


  • 1024x1024 and 512x512 Resolution textures (original textures but enough because models are suposed to be small in size)

  • Multiple shape keys for animation, posing, etc

  • Different textures to add things like different skins, shapes, colors, etc

  • All material for hangs are compatible with all hangs and all materials for splats are compatible with all splats (except for SplatStrings which only fits the mesh in which it's applied). If you want to change materials, just go to the material properties tab and change to a compatible material. You can also choose between different available textures to change the liquid color or shape from the shader editor

  • Since version 2.0 materials have 2 modes: procedural (using ManicPixieGoonGirl's procedural semen material) and textured. Additionally I've added a new material that should be compatible with all props (using AnnaD's procedural white fluid material). The default mode is textured but you can change it as explained in the changelog

  • Rigged with BarbellSFM's original SFM models rigs

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I would appreciate very much if you credited me and tagged me on twitter if you use this model in an animation or poster.

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If you want to send me any feedback about the model or report me any bug you find you can do it in my Discord or Twitter.

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BarbellSFM: original models

ManicPixieGoonGirl: procedural material

AnnaD: procedural material

You can find original Smutbase releases from the procedural materials here:

You can check BarbellSFM's original SFM releases here:


Version 1.0 (7/10/2020) First Release

Version 2.0 (12/10/2020) Added 2 simple procedural materials for props. The first procedural material is based on ManicPixieGoonGirl's procedural semen material and can be found in the Shader Editor. Just switch the mix shader connected to the output to change between procedural and textured and tweak the procedural shader node how you like it. The second one is based on AnnaD's procedural white fluid material. This one is just a new material that should work with all props. To use it, just change the prop's material to "White Sperm" on the materials tab on the properties panel. Thanks to cilenomon for suggesting this update. Changed file startup appearence (some people couldn't find where props were located because all of them were hidden). Now the file shows one of the props so people can locate them better. If you can't see all props, that's because they are hidden. You just have to look inside the rigs. For easy understanding: if you look in the Outliner, first name(white) is the collection, second name (inside collections,with an orange stick man to the left) is the rig and the 3rd name (inside each rig,with an orange triangle to the left) is the prop controled by that rig.Keep in mind, that if you append it to another file, the hidden status remains, so you can either set it to be shown on original file, or do it later after appending. Thanks to Relliel and dc149 for suggesting the change for better understanding.


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