Quetzacoatl (Lucoa)

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Quetzacoatl (Lucoa)
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Quetzacoatl (Lucoa)
Quetzacoatl (Lucoa)
Quetzacoatl (Lucoa)
Quetzacoatl (Lucoa)


Here's my improved and Blender Version of the SFM Version of Lucoa!

This model was edited by LewdBro (NicoBros). https://twitter.com/lewd_bro

Hello, I'm new here at the SmutBase! I'll use this place to post all of the 3D models that I edited, since I don't think it's a cool idea posting them at my Gumroad.

Model Info:

  • Character: Lucoa (Quetzacoatl)
  • Origin: Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon
  • Model made by an unknown artist for MMD
  • SFM Port by DevilsCry
  • Improved SFM Version by nodu
  • Blender Port and new improved version by yours truly

What's new:

  • A custom Toon Shader
  • High quality upscaled textures
  • Rigify styled rig
  • Facial shape-key rigging system
  • Improved tongue, breasts, ass, anus and pussy rigs
  • Model deformations according to the cloth
  • A new outfit: Lingerie (3rd image in the render)
  • Toggable cloth and facial blush
  • Extra bone tweaking

Edit: For My sake, click "SHOW MORE" to see the gifs. They do explain everything.

Please give credit if used, okay?

Also, if you want to support my work, you could either donate to me or support my Patreon.

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  Lucoa.blend  24932020-10-02 01:31:0714.99 MB
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  Read_me.txt  10082020-10-02 01:31:07803.0 B
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