Kali Belladonna Port V0.31

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Kali Belladonna Port V0.31 {Updated 05/20/2022!}

Hi, this a first time for a lot of things for me, so I hope you find it useful for what that's worth!

This is a port of the SFM asset (found here) that itself was a port - but I've made a lot of modifications to it and plan on further updating. To sum up the changes:

  • *Entirely redone from-scratch rig with IK and precise hand, foot, and eye control
  • *Custom cell shader with a bunch of bells and whistles
  • *Redone clothes with cloth sim applied [this is experimental and a work in progress, I've disabled the cloth sim on the release out of respect for users' computers but you can flip em back on at will. currently the only redone article of clothing is the sleeve, which seems to work nicely. The hair is also simulated as cloth and is similarly disabled by default.]

I'm still writing full documentation for this, but I figure since it's in a functional state people should get to use it now.

Planned features:

  • *Completely redone clothes focusing on computational efficiency
  • *Revisit some aspects of the shader - don't quite like where the optional shaders(outlines, metallic, anisotropic) are at)
  • *Create rigs for hair and clothes for precise control and those with modest builds
  • *Completely redone hair
  • *Greater accuracy to the original character design
  • *Revisit base model for efficiencies

Known issues:

  • *The area around the jaw/neck is finnicky with shadows and textures, since I connected them where the original model had them disconnected. I don't actually know how wrapping a body this complex in a texture works, so that's something I'll have to learn about eventually.
  • *The cloth sims especially have clipping problems, but also some of the articles of clothing that arent simulated do as well. Not sure how much I can do there, but it's something that's on my mind.
  • *Not all the shape keys made it safely through the port, so I've got some cleaning up and/or recreating to do on that front.

Let me know if there's anything not here!

3D ain't my full time gig, so please be patient with bugs and updates!

Feel free to use on whatever, or even make updates to it yourself!

I also used bone shapes from this shape library.

10/11/2020 Changelog:

  • *Various rig updates! Implemented FK bones, improved feet IK tracking, and improved the core body controllers!
  • *Small shader update, added a brightness/contrast set of parameters as well as responsive rim lighting.
  • *Greatly improved clipping with the clothing, even at extreme poses.

10/15/2020 Changelog:

  • *Eliminated a bunch of clipping angles from relatively reasonable bends.
  • *Added and improved clothing rig components
  • *Can now modify colors globally - change the custom color fields on the Body to change any of the light sources as well as shadow color and skin tone!
  • *Improved butt jiggle bones and weights

05/18/2022 Changelog:

  • *Got rid of unnecessary complexity in foot control.
  • *Redid clothing rig components again. Admittedly not necessarily better, but that's what I get for making changes before realizing my base blender file wasn't the most up-to-date.
  • *Improved bone organization into bone layers. All base body controls are in one layer, clothing controls in another, and deform bones you don't need direct control of in another.
  • *As mentioned earlier some improvements in the final but of editing for the last model may have been lost, but it shouldn't be too bad. I think the better foot controls make up for it in until I can work on it some more, hopefully not after 2 whole years this time.

05/20/2022 Changelog:

  • *Fixed vaginal shape keys


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  Kali_V0.21.blend   1046 2020-10-16 03:29:55 58.54 MB
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  Kali_V0.1.blend   535 2020-09-18 14:42:24 64.04 MB
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