Radiance V1.2.2 (Hollow Knight)

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https://twitter.com/willow_void My twitter. Follow for model updates and updates on new models!

Radiance form Hollow Knight, a big big moth lady who just wants love.

  • IK/FK rigging alongside all the other Rigify rigging options!
  • Shapekey and Bone controlled genitals.
  • Lots of buldge shapekeys.
  • Tons and Tons of cute eye expressions!
  • Physics simulation for boobs/butt.
  • Lots of tentacles with fun tentacle rigs.
  • Bendy bone tentacles with size scaling options!

A few tips for this model.

  • Root bone has a property that controls how many bendybones each tentacle uses. Change it as needed. Default is 4
  • The yellow gear on the tentacles controls tentacle thickness. To size tentacles, scale the IK controller. If you want to pose the tentacles without using IK, turn off the constraint inside those yellow gears.
  • Disable or enable Corrective smooth as needed, on by default.
  • While there is a fur tuft physics option, its turned off by default as its physics is... weird. Use with caution.
  • If the boob/butt aren't moving for you/staying in place, thats the phsyics systems needing to be rebaked. You can disable them in the model's modifiers (disable the meshdeforms) or push play on the timeline to rebake the physics textures.

Now lets see some wonderful big moth GF smut!

  • V1 - Initial Release
  • V1.2 - Improved butt, added a shapekey to reduce her thigh gap.
  • V1.2.1 - Fixed some minor weight issues causing her legs to tug her boobs. Made her thigh gap reduction shapekey 1.0 by default at request.
  • V1.2.2 - Fixed some shapekeys, fixed genitals/made genitals look better. Improved performance.

Thanks to @Azura_Inalis, Voui and @Aura_Doggo for their help with this project!


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  Radiance_v1.2.2.7z   963 2020-12-18 05:12:35 23.71 MB
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  Radiance_V1.2.1.7z   334 2020-12-04 09:16:26 23.47 MB
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  Radiance_V1.7z   553 2020-08-17 18:56:37 23.37 MB
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