2B & A2 - Nier Automata

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2B & A2 - Nier Automata
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2B & A2 - Nier Automata
2B & A2 - Nier Automata
2B & A2 - Nier Automata
2B & A2 - Nier Automata
2B & A2 - Nier Automata
2B & A2 - Nier Automata
2B & A2 - Nier Automata


Here's my first real model release, glory to mankind !

What you get

  • 2B with a fully nude body and both IK and FK rig - and cherry on the cake, it supports the use of daz poses through the diffeomorphic addon
  • 2B's default outfit with hi-res textures
  • A2's default outfit and hairstyles (long & short)
  • A bunch of weapons from the game
  • 2B and 9S's pods also hi-res (with rigs)

This model was made in blender 2.90 with Eevee in mind, I tried it quickly in Cycles and it looked fine as far as I could tell.


How to use

  • This model is handled through 2 panels, the daz panel (diffeomorphic addon) for everything rig related and the mustard UI panel for the rest
  • In the daz panel you'll find a bunch of shapekeys (open genitals, breasts size, pregnancy etc.) in the custom morphs section, and if you select the rig you'll see many options for the rig under MHX sections (FK/IK switch, gaze activation, layers etc.). You can also import daz poses from there if you have some.
  • In the mustardUI panel you'll find wet/dirt options, nails and lips color customization, outfits, and accessories in the extra section (weapons). More info on this UI here : https://github.com/Mustard2/MustardUI/wiki/Tutorial
  • Face and hair bones are on layer 24, which you can also show with the advanced armature button in mustard's ui
  • The default outfit has a color variation (just an inverse color) and a few shapekeys to expose parts, all controlled in mustard's panel
  • I've setup physx for the hair with softbody, you can use it by activating the meshdeform modifier for the hair
  • The skirts are weight painted but also have a cloth modifier that you can use, it's already setup
  • There's a pose library with a few daz poses
  • The body is a daz G8 and comes with already set up correctives and flexes imported from daz, meaning for example the elbow won't melt down when moving the forearm and also the biceps will grow
  • One last thing, I've shaped her buttom similarily to her original shape but you can have a more round one if you disable the 2BOriginalAssShape shapekey in object data properties
  • Known issues : there's some clipping, I tried my best and will improve if I can. To circumvent that there's a mask for the body hiding parts that are under the outfit. Also sculpting is your friend


  • Tag me if you use her, I'd enjoy seeing what you do with her (@LeGuymelef on twitter)
  • What's next : I need a break from this but probably other outfits
  • Achieving a model like this was my goal since starting blender and it's taken many months, going 1 step forward two steps backward. Lots of problem solving even now but I'm glad I'm finally there
  • For even more nier automata you can find the flight units here, thx ssbb210 for the rip : https://open3dlab.com/project/30010/


  • xCrofty for the original 2B model ; lezisell for the pod mesh ; Petrarca22 for the textures
  • Mustard for the UI, I tweaked it a bit again (sorry :) )
  • Quick thanks to ChairMan whose Rey model showed me how to use constraints and what they could achieve


  • 3.0 (3.0 textures download also needed) - probably the last content update

-- new outfit (nightie from dlc) -- new alternative hairstyle from likkez's release (hairstyle will look weird in the viewport because particles are hidden but will be okay on render) -- made the masks activate automatically depending on what is equipped -- used the gaze follow head from daz menu instead of a constraint, you can deactivate it from there

  • 2.1 (2.0 textures download also needed)

-- small fix for A2's hairstyles (they were not moving correctly with the head)

  • 2.0 (2.0 textures download also needed)

-- Added A2's default outfit as well as her 2 hairstyles (long & short), hairstyles are selectable in mustard's ui -- Added a hair color selector in mustard's ui -- The lips' color selector checkbox now actually works -- Fixed some rotation issues with boots in IK -- IK controllers don't stretch arms or legs anymore -- Fixed some clipping with stockings and boots

  • 1.1 (no need to redownload textures)

-- fixed a silly oversight with her arms materials (thx PonkoAnims for pointing it out) -- added two bones near genitals that you can scale to open her up -- fixed a rotation issue with her boots in IK mode -- also turned IK by default for arms and legs (can be changed in the daz panel)

  • 1.0 : initial release

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  2B_3.0_-_LeGuymelef_-_Textures.7z  59692020-08-09 15:41:36138.44 MB
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  2B_3.0_-_LeGuymelef.blend  64372020-08-09 15:47:59185.31 MB
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