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It's finally over. It comes with 9 skins + 1 custom (French Maid). The setup is for EEVEE. I tried to match her body proportions to the in-game ones, they're closer to the classic skin. I adjusted the bones too. Hair and some clothes are rigged, check the bone layers.

HOW TO USE (check attached video too):

-Select the Rig in Pose Mode. Then select Widowmaker's logo and hit N to open the properties panel.

-On the first tab called Item you can find a drop down called Properties.

-Use SkinSet to change skins (outfit). See Index to know which is which. Index can be turned on/off from there too.

-When Eyes, Hair and SkinTone (body skin) are set to 0 they will load automatically with their respective skin when changing SkinSet.

-But you can override hair or body skin by using these properties. For example use Odile's pale skin with the classic outfit and Talon's hair.

-Above Widow's logo the name of the active skin will appear.

-By selecting the name of the skin new properties will appear, special for each skin.

-When hovering over a property name, sometimes Tooltips appear. Please read these before reporting "bugs" or asking questions.

-It's far from perfect. You may need to adjust stuff yourself.

-There are some physics by Cawneil. If you're having difficulties and "bugs" (e.g. can't pose Classic hair or buttocks drop to the ground) just delete them.

-Textures do not update in viewport solid view, you need to go into Material or Rendered view to see the changes. This will change hopefully.

UPDATE : Version 1.1

-Fixed seams on skin which were caused by a missing normal map.

-Big thanks to @thetomato who wrote the script which makes body skin textures update in solid view when changing skins!

-I changed in my Preferences the viewport resolution of the textures to 512x512. Do the same if you're having viewport lag.

-A couple other fixes.

-Seems to be compatible with Blender 2.83.

-When you've decided which skin to pose, disable the other collections from viewport to reduce viewport lag (un-tick them).

P.S. This is probably the last update, my pc can't take it anymore. Sadly I can't use this model or I risk burning my HD again, I can't test materials or anything else ;(

Classic skins variations are here https://smutba.se/project/30546/

Thanks to :

-Ellowas for the nude body.

-Mets for the rig.

-Cawneil for his beach widowmaker which served as a base for this ( https://smutba.se/project/421/ )

-thetomato who wrote the script which makes body skin textures update in solid view when changing skins!

-Everyone at discord who helped me with this and for being patient with my noob questions.

Bug reports or whatever at https://twitter.com/mavixtious

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