Interrupting Octopus' Milking Machine

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Interrupting Octopus' Milking Machine


[This Project is in its early distributed stage, if there's something you feel can improve this project let me know via discord @InterruptingOctopus#1061]

This milking machine was painstakingly modeled over several years, going through several iterations before settling on the final design drawn from a real life cattle milk pump rig

You may be asking yourself "Mr. Octopus, why go through all the trouble of modeling an entire machine just for a niche fetish?" to which i say, NO ONE ELSE FUCKING DID! The options available are low poly and awkward looking and the 3D porn community deserves better looking toys for lactation fetishes than a couple milking cups with less verts than a nintendo 64 model.

So here you are! A fully realized milking machine with its motor, vacuum, tank and chassis included, complete with: -Rigged wheels and vacuum pump -Posable suction cups with several shapekey sliders for customization -Both a metal and transparent glass/plastic milk tank, -Customisable cup and tubing materials with no-mess nodegroups, pick your texture with just the movement of a slider! -animated milk effects using metaball particle systems! and more to come!

Now go forth, and harvest that tit liquid!

(paper bag girl not included)

Note: for best results, use Eevee Rendering

[CHANGELOG] v 2.00, 5/10/2020 -NEW: Animated Mechanisms for the pump -CHANGE: removed bevel geometry, improved performance, total vert count now under 50k -CHANGE: milk particles now require you to make vertex groups on your respective mesh, shouldn't be hard i typed up a slapdash tutorial right in the file, jsut remember to make TWO systems that use THE SAME "milk" settings, but referring to the separate nipple vertex groups respectively.

v 1.03, 7/19/2020 -FIX: Milk Paths incorrectly hooked

v 1.02, 6/30/2020 -NEW: Milk Emitter can now be posed with its own bone -NEW: Material Options For cups in node -NEW: Cups merged into one object for easier shapekey changing

v 1.01, 6/30/2020 -NEW: tubing fields controlled with armature scale -FIX: missing gauge texture didn't pack into file -BUG: Improper Deformation on Gauge Tube when scaling root bone

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  milking_machine-v2.0_nhpQnya.blend  1532021-05-10 05:26:4639.39 MB
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  milking_machine_-_v1.03_auMRVjL.blend  10832020-07-20 00:17:1836.08 MB
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  milking_machine_-_v1.02.blend  7282020-06-30 20:38:4436.37 MB
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  milking_machine_v1.01.blend  4892020-06-30 18:28:2436.59 MB
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