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I'm testing a new version of my shader with this model and it may be a little confusing if you don't read this:

-The materials now have a simple node group with less options that the other versions. You can change the color of the diffuse, fake shadow and fake light here on each material.

-There is now a special material called MAIN (on this model is located on a wireframe ball on the sky). This material has a node group called values.

-You click on this node and push the TAB key to display what used to be the values on the older versions of the shader, like: fake shadow and light intensity, shadow position, and, starting with this model new options:

-Disable diffuse: to completely remove the diffuse generated shadow
-Diffuse Intensity: To adjust how much the light of the scene affects this shadow
-Ambient Light Color: This multiplies the selected color so you can fake the ambient light of the objects. This is made because, as the toon look is achieved with an emission shader, those don't get affected by external light colors. With this value you can cheat that.

And the main reason this is being made like this is to control all the fake lights and shadow at the same time, since on older versions you had to change each one individually. Now you only need to change the values on MAIN and it will affect all the materials at the same time. I hope to update this on the future to make it even simpler, but I don't know how to drive the normal node to work as it does.

And now, the features:

-IK ARP armature some face bones for the mouth and the eyebrows

-Hair bones are separated for free range of movement

-Shape keys for eyelids <-DON'T USE THE EYELID BONES TO CLOSE THEM, they are there only for slightly adjustments

-3 costumes easily swappable!

-Custom and customizable toon shaders

Character: Shiraishi Kyouka

Origin: Energy Kyo-ka!! Doujin series

Format: .blend file for Blender 2.93 EEVEE Render

Original Character created by Tamatsuyada, Satou Kimiatsu

3D Model made by banchouforte

All my stuff is handmade from the meshes to the textures. Nothing is ripped from another sources so they can be used freely anywhere as fan-work.

Click here to go to my profile for more than 50 custom made anime models!!

Also check my twitter if you want +20 more models that I'm not sharing here yet or are SFW

I also have a monthly contest with free anime commissions as prizes! Click here for more info


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  REMAKE with genitals and new costumes   1914 2021-08-24 18:45:42 43.03 MB
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File contents:
  old version with no genitals   2551 2020-06-26 00:16:59 23.72 MB
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Blender Asset Manager Introduction
The Blender 3.0 kicks of with a BAM! The Asset Manager is a hot new feature that allows for easy re-use of models.

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