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Here an rule 63 version of Cloud Strife(also know as FemCloud).
I took FF7 remake Cloud head and connected it to Mustard "completely rigged" version of mavixtious_ Scarlet model body.

About Texture

  • Color: I used Mustard Tifa model color texture and replaced the bottom-left corner by the color texture of FF7 claudia head.
  • Normal: Once again, I used Mustard Tifa model texture and replaced the bottom-left corner by the normal texture of FF7 Cloud head.
  • FF7 head normal map have some issue in the neck area so I had to replace the texture in this area.
  • Textures are provided in a separated .zip (great idea from Mustard).

Getting started

  • This model use mustard rig/ui and require to have installed the Blender addon that you can download on Mustard projects.
  • Create a new blender file or use a existing one.
  • Append the "FemCloud" collection to your blend. (In blender, File/Append.../?/cloud_r63_v#.blend/Collection/FemCloud)
  • Append the "" text to your blend. (In blender, File/Append.../?/cloud_r63_v#.blend/Text/
  • Turn on auto-run for "". (In blender, go to the Text editor(scripting). In the drop-down menu select "". Check the Text/Register box.)
  • Extract "cloud_63_textures" zip and place the "textures" folder in the same place then your blend.
  • Make blender find the textures. (In blender, File/External Data/Find Missing Files/ Select same folder than your blend)


Model is purple?
This is because the textures files are missing.
Please read the "Getting started".

Black spot/weird shadow on the hair during cycle render?
This is because your Transparency Light bounce isn't high enough.
(In blender, Render Properties/Light Paths/Max Bounces/Transparency)

Model has missing part (no hand, no feet, etc)?
This is because the model has masks modifier that turn on/off when certain clothes are equipped/unequipped through the ui.
Use the ui for changing clothes.


V6 (2021/04/06)

  • Added blush color picker(ui).
  • Added lipstick intensity, gloss and color picker(vertex color/ui).
  • Added eyeshadow intensity and color picker(vertex color/ui).
  • Redone subsurface scattering.
  • Desactivated leg.l/r vertex group on all mesh(added .off at end of name).
  • Added the missing transparency texture for clothes.
  • Moved "FemCloud Standard - Earring" to "FemCloud Extras" collection and gave it a no texture material(ui extras list).
  • Redone vertex weight of "FemCloud Standard - Shirt" collar.
  • Added Honeybee outfit(Hachi Girl).
  • Removed some texture and replaced them by material split+direct node value.
  • Updated the texture zip.
  • Separated cycle and eevee material output.
  • Added ao node on all eevee material.
  • Added finger ik.
  • Remove pendant/collar and hair bones from "FemCloud_rig"(layer 3, 4, 5, 19, 20, 21).
  • Cleaned up "FemCloud Hair Armature".
  • Butchered the physics function(ui):
  • Enabling/disabling physics object will enable/disable "mesh deform" modifier and/or bone constaint on all mesh/armature inside collection with model_name.
  • Ui detect non-cloth type physic modifier too.
  • Fixed a "error" that was making all object starting with the same substring to be considered as the same.
  • Removed almost everything except the enable object, start/end frame and bake.(from personal experience, the ui bake button seem a lot slower than blender "bake all dynamic")
  • Removed a few loop cut on the breast.
  • Added 5 "jiggle" bone on each breast.
  • Added 4 "jiggle" bone on each buttcheek.
  • Redone vertex weight of cloth affected by breast and/or butt.

V5 (2021/02/07)

  • Changed naming from "Cloud" to "FemCloud"(did not change naming material(except body) and texture).
  • Added Cloud Standard Outfit(pant do not deform super well, sorry about that).
  • Made the head-body seam less apparent(vertex color).
  • Added blush(vertex color).
  • Added breasts and butt physics.
  • Added subsurface scattering to body material(color texture mix, not actual sss texture).
  • Enabled setting on mustard ui(sss slider, blush slider, nails color picker and physics panel).
  • Removed unused/wip data.

Note. if you want the shirt cleavage, turn on its mask modifier.

V4 (2020/07/05)

  • Fixed the neck area of the body normal map texture.
  • Fixed some uv vertex in the back (near the body/head joint) that were causing hatch bug.
  • Converted the body textures into .jpg. I don't know why I turned them into .tga when they were .jpg in the first place.
  • Hair got their own armature. Cloud_rig still contain hair bone just in case.
  • Moved textures to a separated zip (great idea from Mustard).
  • Updated to version 0.10.4.
  • Re-rendered the image preview.

V3 (2020/06/25)

  • Adjusted face/head rig to the model.
  • Weighted the eyelashes
  • Clean up of the vertex group
  • Removed original Cloud fbx face/head bone from the rig.
  • Moved Pendant/collar bone to layer 3.
  • Changed solid view material color
  • Inversed the green channel of face area on the normal body. People will need to redownload the 4k zip
  • Inversed the green channel of all other normal map coming from FF7.
  • Removed all texture that could be replaced by direct rgb/float value. This mean that some material obviously got reworked. Cloud got blondier!
  • Extracted metal and rough texture map from FF7 "_M" texture as greyscale image. Extracted only when texture could not be replace by direct rgb/float value.
  • Converted all rgba(4 channel) image to rgb(3 channel).
  • Removed useless alternative texture.
  • Added cloud buster sword.
  • Moved the two necklace to the "todo" collection. They will require new weight to work correctly with the rig. You can also find the rest of the "unconverted" mesh from FF7 in these.
  • Added Mustard UI to allow easier change of the hairstyle, head dress/acc and visibility of the sword.
  • I obviously changed the preview image from the project.


  • Cloud neck/head/face/eye and mouth now use original (scarlet) rig bone weight.
  • Separated hair bone on different layer.

V1 (2020/05/31)

Bone from Cloud fbx rig have been joined to the blend original rig:

  • Layer 3: Pendant/collar
  • Layer 4: Hair master bone
  • Layer 5: All hair
  • Layer 19: Ordinary hair
  • Layer 20: Gorgeous hair
  • Layer 21: Standard hair

Note that there were no bone from the original blend rig in these layer.


  • ProGamer000900 for FF7 remake Cloud, Claudia, Hachi girl and Buster sword fbx model/texture.
  • mavixtiuos for body model.
  • Mustard for rig, body texture, blender reference and help.

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Thumbnail image for Cloud Strife (rule 63)
Source Filmmaker: Transparancy
Transparency in Source Filmmaker requires more than just having an alpha channel in your diffuse texture.

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