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!! Please Read !!

You will need an addon (available in downloads) to take full advantage of the model, not mandatory to have it but it is recommended. Things you can't do without the addon:

  • Can't use sliders for readymade expressions like anger, surprise etc.

  • Can't use sliders for faceposing like brow up/down, eyes open/close, mouth open, mouth smile etc. You can still pose the face using face bones, but it is tedious.


  • Many shapekeys like - bigger boobs, butt, voluptuous body, muscular mody, toned body, longer nails, open mouth wide, open genitals etc.

  • Clothes adjust to fit to changes in body like bigger boobs etc. Made in EEVEE, works in cycles too.

Notes & Tips:

  • You need only select the 'Lara croft' collection when appending.
  • Enable Screenspace Reflections AND Refractions, needed for the eyes.
  • Clothes will appear to poke through skin in the viewport but it will not happen in the render, due to subsurf applied at render time.
  • Disable the Collections or items not used in the scene to improve performance of viewport, hiding in viewport (i.e the eye icon) does not improve performance, it only hides the item. see preview images.

Message me on Twitter if you have questions or bugs, I will help as best I can, also you can tag me in whatever you make with her :)


[31-05-2020] - v1:

  • Initial Upload. <br>

  • (1) Currently clothes auto adjusting to changes in body proportions does not work if you append the file in a new scene. <br>Fixing it in next update, meanwhile a workaround is:<br> instead of appending this file to a new scene, append the scene to this file. i.e Open this .blend and save it as something else and work in the newly saved file.<br>

[02-06-2020] - v1.1:

  • Added Lara's necklace. Necklace textures are packed in file, so no need to download textures again.

  • Fixed teeth mesh. Teeth will look a little off in viewport without subdivision, but in render it will look as it should.

  • Bug (1) from v1 still exists, will fix it in next update for sure. Getting around the bug is pretty easy so figured I'll make other fixes first.

[23-06-2020] - v2:

  • Huge update, if you had old texture files (from pre-v2) then delete those and download the new ones. Place the texture folders in the same location as the .blend file.

  • Added many outfits. Check preview images.

  • Remade teeth mesh, looks way better now.

  • Added new, realistic and fully rigged hair. Also includes the old one. Hide the hair when posing the model (select 'None' in the Hair section of the custom panel), improves posing speed.

  • Added a custom panel (in the N-toolbar) to control various aspects of the model. Make sure auto-run scripts is enabled in blender.

  • Pretty-fied faceposing bones of the rig.

  • The file is compressed so it will take a bit longer to save / load, to uncompress save-as and turn off compression by clicking the cog-wheel icon in the save-as window

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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Lara_Croft_v2_releaseC.blend   3178 2020-06-23 16:05:12 232.22 MB   2169 2020-05-31 00:00:09 331.01 KB
  textures_4k_tpkUA8c.rar   1730 2020-06-23 16:04:34 376.46 MB
  textures_2k_mLhExHQ.rar   1473 2020-06-23 16:05:11 129.44 MB
  textures_1k_BMtRTT3.rar   1190 2020-06-23 16:05:19 57.44 MB
  Lara_Croft_v1.1_k9u7y9V.blend   1666 2020-06-02 14:13:32 130.39 MB
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