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Cloud Strife Model for Blender 3.1

About this model

-This version uses an AutoRigPro Armature (you need to install the rigtools add-on to avoid any errors with the rig).

-This model also uses the MustardUI script, (allow the "" script if asked to get access to it).

-Body parts are hidden under the clothes if some clothe pieces are visible, to make the body parts visible you'll have to hide the clothes over the part you wanna see via the UI Menu.

-The hair meshes have different shader options for Cycles and regular, you can turn it on in the hair section of the UI menu and clicking on the gear besides the hair type and checking the box. (second hair shaders is not recommended if you want to use the compositor glossy effects)

-The control bones Genital have a foreskin controller for easy manipulation.

-Shapes and Material properties sliders also available in UI Menu.

-You can hide the genitals using the "Hide genital" box in the menu.

-Particle hair for pubic hair

-New alternative ponytail hair from Cloud's teen model

-New Guard armor clothes (unzipped pants via UI Menu)

-SOLDIER updated Outfit (unzipped pants via UI Menu)

-Advent Children Outfit Updated

-New Casual outfit (from FF7FS)

-Materia orbs in sword updated.

Important read:

-The latest version of this model is compatible with Blender 3.1 and newer versions, 
 loading it in any of the previous version may not work.

-For Final Fantasy 7 Remake models hair usually needs about 28 transparency 
samples to avoid black artifacts in the hair meshes in Cycles.

-To view the UI menu when appending the model in other projects, you need to 
click on the armature for it to show up on the right side tool bar.

-The Rig tools add-on is required to have access to the "head/neck follow lock" and "IK-FK",
snapping settings for limbs in the active workspace and tool menu. 
(If you have the full version of Auto-rig pro don't install this, this is only     
required for animators that don't own the full version)

-Install rig-tools like any add-on (preferences>Add-ons>Install>select zip(press the check box to activate.)

-Use 7zip or some other extracting tool to extract the textures, just don't use windows default extractor
it's been reported to get many errors during the extraction process.

-If you got missing textures (pink) check out this tutorial:

-If you have questions about how to utilize the ARP rig, 
check the rig's FAQ page:

-Tip: If you append the model, and don't plan to use all the outfits, delete the meshes 
 and collections you won't use to save you some memory. 
 Don't forget to go to >File>clean up>Recursive unused data-blocks.


Update Version 2 (Blender 2.83)

  • Added Advent Children Attire

  • Added Brazier control bones for genitals

  • Upgraded Hair textures

  • Upgraded Eye textures

  • Added control for Eyes Glow in the Properties bone.

  • Added First Tsurugi sword from Advent Children

Update Version 3 (Blender 3.1)

  • Autorig-pro armature

  • Added MustardUI menu

  • Updated skin textures to make it more atone to his game model look

  • Added Extra hair option

  • Added Casual and Shinra Guard outfits

  • Updated Remake and Advent Children outfits textures

Update Version 3.01 (Blender 3.1)

  • Fixed missing part of Classic Soldier armor (shoulder)

Update Version 4.0

  • Updated body proportions (mostly chest area).

  • Updated body textures.

  • Updated hair shaders.

  • Fixed eyebrow mesh missing texture.

  • Separated Soldier's boots from pants as unique object.

  • Added "swimsuit shorts" in the extras menu.

Update Version 5.0

  • Fixed face Topology (still a head hack of his original face from the game).

  • Updated body shaders

  • Updated hair shaders

  • Added "anus" shapekey to save the animators the "where's his butthole" stupid comments in their animations.

  • Separated shapekeys and body properties in the menu

  • Updated masks to avoid clipping with certain outfits

  • Updated weight painting in some outfits

  • Added "ambient Occlusion" option in the UI Menu

  • Fixed seams around genital area

Update Version 5.01

  • Added Leather straps (with optional mask to show genitals).

  • Updated skin shaders.

  • Updated hair shaders (fixed translucency color issue, thanks to Calibrator_ for the tips).

Thanks to

MustardSFM (MustardUI script)

Necroalx (Meshmods tools)

KittyInHiding (First soldier files)


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  Cloud_v5.01_by_Mokujinh.blend   389 2022-07-19 03:18:07 23.42 MB
  rig_tools_(for blender 3.2).zip   313 2022-07-12 03:09:02 37.34 KB
File contents:   653 2022-04-10 17:05:40 94.27 MB
File contents:
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