Rainbow Six Siege - Valkyrie

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Rainbow Six Siege - Valkyrie
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Rainbow Six Siege - Valkyrie
Rainbow Six Siege - Valkyrie
Rainbow Six Siege - Valkyrie


Valk is here and this model was cursed AF, I had so many problems with this fucking bitch, but hey! we got there in the end! Shares a lot off sames as Dokk, as I was sort of trying to consolidate my time, Sue me. This will be the last Siege Model i do for a while, atm I am going to go back and do fixes all my siege models past, and focus on some animation and destiny models!


  • original Uniform well 13 outfits!

  • dedicated UI with outfit selector (Thanks MusatrdSFM) Pussy openings! and Anal openings and Stomach and Deepthroat Bulges Evee Ready INSTRUCTIONS (COPY PASTED FROM MUSTARD AS I USE THE SAME TOOLS )

  • Pussy and Butt Blendshapes and Body Deformers!

  • It's mandatory to install the Blender addon rig_tools.zip provided in this release (remember to restart Blender before using the model), which enables the IK rig, etc.. The UI will check this and raise a warning if the addon is not correctly installed and enabled. If you are not sure how to install the addon, google it!

  • All the custom properties are in the new UI. A tutorial is available at: https://github.com/Mustard2/MustardUI/wiki/Tutorial

  • To enable the UI after appending the model in another file, see the tutorial (link above or in the UI Links tab).

  • The model uses Corrective Smooth modifiers. If you find some odd clipping while posing the model, try to disable them in the UI.


follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/OkazakiLewds


  • V2.0 Fixed issue with the makeup slider making her ears black
  • V3.0 Fixed Issue with VAGINA not being a part of the rig and being WIERD!


ITAlessio27 for inspiring me! MustardSFm for helping me with Rigging, Mesh and UI support Admin For porting the model

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  Valk_NudeV03.zip  13842020-05-29 01:53:06544.07 MB
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  rig_tools_W38CX19.zip  7842020-05-26 13:57:1617.65 KB
🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
  Valk_Nude.zip  5572020-05-26 15:35:50544.04 MB
🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
  Valk_Nude_v02.zip  6612020-05-28 02:13:26544.02 MB
🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
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