Widowmaker for Cinema 4D R20 + Redshift 2.6.32 (NSFW only)

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Hello there,

I converted FPSBlyck's widowmaker model, who uses physical render, to Redshift 2.6.32! (also, I translated the object names from russian to english)

Important Note: Do not add a Subdivision Surface do the model, because it is already applied in the Redshift object tag. So, if you want to change the SubD amount, do it in the object tag under Geonetry > Maximum Subdivisions.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them here: https://twitter.com/3DWidowbutt

Filename Downloads Created Filesize
Widowmaker_for_redshift.zip 334 2019-01-29 216.26 MB
Widowmaker_Redshift_squared.png 97 2019-01-29 2.09 MB
Widowmaker_Redshift_squared2.png 82 2019-01-29 1.08 MB