Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]

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Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]
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Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]
Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]
Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]
Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]
Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]
Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]
Raven (v1.12) Blender 2.83 [Skuddbutt]


Skuddbutt's Raven

If there are any bugs, please notify me on Twitter

@BDAnimare and @Skuddbutt on twitter so we can see what you make!

1.12 September 11, 2020 (Blender 2.83) Release notes:

  • Added ShapeKeys to the Rig Panel. You can now drive them from there.
  • Minor cleanup of the .py file to make it compatible with 2.8 conventions.

v1.11 August 1, 2020 (Blender 2.83) Release notes:

  • Added Jaw Bone, it sits in the Tongue Layer. The Tongue Bones are parented to it. It is limited in rotation by a constraint, you get 1° Up, 30° down and 15° to each side. If that is not enough, you need to tweak the constraint values on the CTRL.Jaw Bone.

v1.10 June. 15, 2020 (Blender 2.83) Release notes:

  • Butt Bones parented to Torso Bone
  • IK activated by default
  • Arm Parent Bones scaled up for better visibility

v1.09 June 12, 2020 (Blender 2.83) Release notes:

  • New shoulder controllers
  • Added Bone Layer Visibility Controls to Rig UI (the Rigify one), you now have toggles for:
    Eye Controllers
    IK/FK Switches
  • Iconised Panel

v1.08 May 29, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Fixed Clipping on Brow Shape Keys
  • Re-Colored Bone Groups for better Visibility and side differentiation
  • Mouth-R-Smile Shape Key added (was missing)
  • Enlarged Head Controller
  • Shrunk Arm Poles
  • Jawbone Unhidden
  • New Head Layer for Headcontrols added

v1.07 May 29, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Added Nodes that make roughness map unnecessary. Thanks to Varenta.
  • Fixed the rest of the shape keys.
  • Fixed seam on body center by extending bake margin.
  • Cape Controllers repositioned
  • Corrective smooth modifier for cape added. Controls on Properties Bone

v1.06 May 28, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Added Roughness map to Skinsuit (Skin #0). Control on the Properties Bone.

v1.05 May 26, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Rigify Controllers fit to mesh. Rig should now be usable without having to put it in "In Front" mode.

v1.04 May 26, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Fitted new Rig Shapes that are outside of the geometry
  • Body Mesh made unselectable to prevent accidental selection while animating
  • Fixed Texture Artifact where part of the costume was visible on nude body textures
  • Calf Controllers tighter
  • FK Feet rotation fixed

v1.03 May xx, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Rig UI added
  • Locked Down Finger Rotation Axes
  • Switched Finger Rotation Modes to Euler
    Locked Down Palm Rotation Axes

v1.02 May xx, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Eye Shapekeys Unclipped. Hopefully.

v1.01 May 7, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Make the diamond on her head not subdivided
  • Add drivers to control glow intensity
  • Rig Shapes on Properties to.... Properties
  • Rig Shapes on hair to circles
  • Shaders need to be added on to. Possible latex version.
  • Add drivers to more easily control suit/cloak colour
  • Rig Shapes on penis to circles
  • Skin Selectors added
  • Costume Selectors added
  • Visibility drivers for clothes added
  • Visibility drivers for Dick added
  • Butt bones weighted. Manual only, but they work.
  • Eye Armature unified with Raven Armature
  • Fixed eyes...somehow. (Lattices)

v1.00 May 4, 2020 (Blender 2.82) Release notes:

  • Updated for Blender 2.82

Notes and what have you:

  • Eye colour is controlled by a bone named "Properties". It looks like a cog. Penis Visibility, Costume Color and the Intensity and Color of the Eye Glow is also controlled via this bone. To get to the Controls, select this bone in Pose Mode, open the N-Panel (by pressing N) and go to the Properties Panel.
  • Manual face controls don't work right now. It's only controlled by shape keys for the time being.


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