Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith
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Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith
Final Fantasy 7 Remake - Aerith


My second model, this is an alpha version, meaning I just finished it before upload. Didn't had much chance to test it but It should be perfectly functional.

About this model:

As of version 5, the model now uses mustard's UI script for changing attires and other options. If asked, allow the script "" to be executed so you can properly use this model.

You'll need the rig-tools add-on bellow for this to properly work.(remember to restart Blender after installing and before using the model)

This model has a very detailed skin shader and so does for clothes and hair, if you think this may take a tool on your memory, I recommend working on the workbench engine until you shaped your scene enough to give it a test/preview.

You'll find wet/dirt and make up options in the mustardUI panel, outfits, pubes and Aerith weapon too.


Deviantart: Feel free to alter this model to your liking.


V Alpha


V 1.0

V 1.2

V 1.5

V 2.0

V 3.0

V 4.0

-Completely revamped facial rigging (rigify sucks)

-Added corrective shapekeys for lips

-fixed genitals weird behavior when posing

-Fixed jacket

-Fixed eyes and eyelashes.

-Added a shorter version of her red dress

-Bunch of other minor fixes.

Aerith V 5.0

Changelog: -New Rig using Auto-Rig Pro

-Added new "ordinary dress"

-Shapekeys for genitals with bone controls

-New all around shaders

-Fixed hair shaders

-Added Mustard UI for attires and extras

-Body proportions closer to the original game model

-Bone controls for Skirts (check bone layers)

Aerith V 6.0

-New Body proportions

-New body skin textures

-New Dress (cheap dress)

-Added Free hair style

-Added more genital bones

-Added Aerith's Flower Basket

-New body shapes (shapekeys)

-Control Bones for skirts

(quick update, added missing shoes for ordinary dress. Deleted and replaced some dds textures for better compatibility with Cycles).

Shoot out to crute: for the custom bone shapes I used for this model. ( Also big thanks to Mustard for the help and for sharing his script: you can make your own version following the instructions.


Set Transparency samples more than 20 to 40 in the light bounces options in cycles for proper hair if you append the model. Separated hair armature for easy use with add-ons like wiggle bones. Version 6: Unpack the the textures and save the file to save memory and loading times when saving your projects.

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  Aerith_V6.blend  21602021-02-20 00:02:01738.5 MB
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🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
File contents:
  Aerith_textures.7z  38022020-10-03 08:55:58313.85 MB
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File contents:
  Aerith_V5_5pPgzqL.blend  29812020-10-03 13:57:5532.65 MB
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