Magearna (V1.3.3b UPDATE)

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V1.3.3 is OUT. Let me know if you find any issues.

Here is a cute robot lady, Magearna, from Porkymon.

  • Has two different body types. On model and humano/imp looking.
  • 4 different skins, located in the texture files.
  • Shapekey eyes for extra expression.
  • IK/FK rigging, configure the red gears to change which type you wish to use for the limbs.
  • Bone rigged genitals.
  • A few extra shapekeys for buldges and the like.

for the eyelids, if you want basic angry/sad/ext eyes the shapekeys on the eyelids will work .But if you want more advanced ones or want to change their height, you'll need to use the eye bones themselves and pose it yourself.

Let me know if there are any issues with the model that you find or any extra ideas you come up with!

  • V1.0 Release version
  • V1.1 Added more shapekeys, including genital shapekeys. Also fixed some weight issues.
  • V1.2 Greatly optimized the .blend. Added shapekeys to eyelids to make them easier to use, fixed more weighting, redid genital rigging to be more accurate and better, added physics to breasts and butt for smushing and all that. Fixed normals.
  • V1.2.1 Fixed a few bugs reported by people, Fixed a slight texture error.
  • V1.3 CORRECTIVE SHAPEKEYS! Eyelids are controlled by both shapekeys and bones, you can choose which one. Green eye control bones control the shapekeys, the yellow/red boxes control the eye via bones itself. Fixed more rigging issues, fixed more weight issues. Added some more shapekeys.
  • V1.3.1 Fixed many bugs related to shapekeys. Blender apparently didn't save them right between the work and export file, go figure.
  • V1.3.2 Improved rigging on her butt, other misc fixes.
  • V1.3.2b A few slight edits to materials to make them look better. Slight edit to Boobs to make them look better.
  • V1.3.3 Improved textures, improved genitals, added a shapekey to move the boobs up on the anthro model to help with uncanny valley, improved physics a bit, more optimization.
  • V1.3.3b Updated color textures a bit in their own file.


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Filename Downloads Created Filesize
  Textures v1.3.3b.7z   761 2021-05-01 04:25:29 29.69 MB
File contents:
  Magearna_V1.3.3.7z   1012 2021-01-11 22:10:17 50.65 MB
File contents:
  Magearna1.3.2b.7z   748 2020-08-21 15:18:01 31.48 MB
File contents:
  Extra_Textures.7z   1072 2020-04-29 18:10:53 32.21 KB
  Magearna_V1.3.1_.7z   703 2020-08-01 04:27:10 31.61 MB
  Magearna_v1.2.1_.7z   665 2020-07-28 04:51:54 30.98 MB
  MagearnaV1_1.7z   935 2020-04-30 19:24:20 30.8 MB
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Scaling Simple Blender Rigs
As they say, size is everything.

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