Echo Hot Rod (Overwatch)

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Echo Hot Rod (Overwatch)
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Echo Hot Rod (Overwatch)
Echo Hot Rod (Overwatch)
Echo Hot Rod (Overwatch)
Echo Hot Rod (Overwatch)
Echo Hot Rod (Overwatch)



  • Echo now has toggable eyebrows! Check the shapekeys. Beware tho, moving the eyebrows too much will result ugly.
  • fixed weight issues in the Chest Area.

Hot Rod Echo skin ripped from Overwatch. Added a few basic shapekeys. Comes with an optional forehead fix Has a Vag mesh + anus mesh. Swapped her teeth. Original were just a huge mess. If you don't want her lights to be that bright - or if you want them to be brighter just go into the materials tab of the face and change the emission values.

Rigged with Auto Rig Pro so don't forget to install Rig_tools. As far as i can see she has some very minor weight issues. But at the moment i can't fix them due to lack of skill regarding weight painting.

For the Rig UI just run the skript in the text editor.

For the final renders you can use the subdiv modifier together with a weighted normal modifier to eliminate possible shading issues

If you guys want to change her color the simplest way would be to change both her red materials (names : 43D12429CCDD0AA5 ,0165BEC190629016). simply put an Hue/Saturation node directly after the DiffuesAO.

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  Echo.7z  7132020-04-24 12:23:4860.58 MB
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  Echo_1.1_.7z  7102020-04-26 21:36:5858.01 MB
🇳🇱 EU0 Download (Patrons only)    🇳🇱 EU1 Download    🇨🇦 NA Download
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