Alexa Bliss - WWE2k

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Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
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Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
Alexa Bliss - WWE2k
Alexa Bliss - WWE2k


This my first model so It's meant to have some flaws.

About this model: (UPDATED 10/10/2020 Use RigTools for this model to work)

-Auto Rig Pro armature

-Multiple hairstyles and attires (2k17/18/19/20). All selectable through Mustards UI menus.

-Genitals shapkeys

-Detailed bump maps for body skin.

Update (10/28/2020):

-Added 2k20 attire.

Hair rigged by me, still far from perfect, will continue to work on it for future versions.


Install rig tools add-on (download included) if you haven't yet.

Extract the file and open. Allow ( (if appending and not showing, append the script from this save file and hit "run" on the scripting tab). Extract this zip and keep the blend file in the same folder you extracted the "textures" folder, if textures show as missing, go to File>External Data>find missing files, and select the texture folder before saving.

Also feel free to reach me if there's anything off about the model as I am working on a next version.

Obviously, thanks to mustardSFM for the help with the script and tools.


Deviantart: Feel free to alter this model to your liking.

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  AlexaBliss_v2_1.7z  18412020-10-28 07:51:06136.86 MB
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